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Berry Conspiracy

Bongo near a pile of juniper berriesHmmm.

I think I’ve got another mystery on my paws.

Something strange is happening around here.

You see these berries by my feet?

These are juniper berries – and they’re gathering in clumps all over the place.

There might be some kind of conspiracy going on.

I wonder if any of them are hiding in this grass.

Bongo stepping on a pile of juniper berries and sniffing the nearby grass

I don’t see any here.

This is strange. This is really strange.

This means they’re not even afraid.

They’re all out in the open where everybody can see them.

What are they up to?

I think I’d better go home and get my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

Much better.

Now to get to work.

Pile of juniper berries on the ground

One of these berries has got to be willing to spill the beans – I mean the berries – I mean…


Which one will it be?

I think I know.

That one with the funny face over there.

Alright Funny Face. What do you know?

Give it to me loud and clear.

Juniper berry with a funny face and hat


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What Color are my Berries?

Juniper berriesThe berries on the juniper trees at my house are blue – well, this year they’re more like a chalky white.

And there are blue chalky white berries on some of the trees on my trails too.

But the berries on some of the trees on my trails are different.

I’ve been trying to figure it out.



Bongo sniffing the ground under a juniper tree

It must be something in the soil.

It doesn’t smell any different.

Maybe the dirt here is redder than the dirt at my house.

Juniper tree with pink berries

Yup, it looks really red around here.

Well, I thought I figured it out, but I still don’t think it makes sense.

Red, pink – they’re not the same, are they?

Maybe somebody can help me make sense out of this.

Or maybe I need to go home and get my Detective Dog hat.

Detective Dog

I just hope somebody doesn’t pick all those berries before I figure this out, or I might really be up a creek.

Did I just say creek? Maybe I should just go swimming.

Woo woo! Last one in is a rotten e…

Wait a minute! There’s no creek here, and I’ve still got a mystery to solve.

Pink juniper berries

Yup, they’re pink alright.

So now I guess what I’ve got to figure out is –

Who took the time to paint all those berries?


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No Self-Respecting Dog

Bongo sniffing something in the dirtA couple days ago strange things were happening on my trails. Squishy mud stayed around after the sun should have chased it all away. I picked up a lot of clues but I wasn’t able to get to the bottom of the investigation.

So I headed back out to look for more clues. And while I was investigating I found evidence of something else.

Somebody had dropped something right in the middle of my trail. No self-respecting dog would do this, and it’s a good thing you can’t see it very well in the picture because it’s not a pretty sight.

It’s full of juniper berries! Who would eat juniper berries? We get these things all over my yard and they don’t even smell good.

Juniper berries on the tree

Fortunately there was another clue to help me out. The smell.

I always suspected, but now I know for sure. Coyotes are not self-respecting dogs. If I ever find the coyote who did this, I’m going to give him what for for sure.

I might have to post a guard out on my trails to make sure those coyotes don’t mess them up again.

But there’s one more thing I’ve got to check first.

I’ve got to make sure they’re not drinking any water out of my puddles.

Bongo sniffing the water in a puddle

Nope, it’s all here. And it better stay here too.

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Coyote Diet

Bongo and BerriesI might not be the pickiest of eaters. I’m still getting rid of those dried beans I ate yesterday. But I’m a lot pickier than some of those coyotes that live in my neighborhood. Most people think they just eat things like rabbits and mice – you know, those little creatures that go scurrying around. Well, they do eat those things. My person would get really upset if I ate one of those cute little animals, so I don’t. Besides, it’s really hard to catch those furry little things when she’s got me on a leash.

But those coyotes eat something that is really strange. It’s so strange that I don’t consider it food at all. We have them all over my front yard and I don’t so much as give them a sniff. But those coyotes do. They eat them by the bushel. Tons and tons of them. Little tiny, round, blue, hard as marbles juniper berries.

Why those coyotes eat them I have no idea. My person sweeps piles of them up from our driveway. A coyote feast full, or a slip-sliding disaster.

Come on coyotes. Come over to my house for a slip ‘n slide. When you get tired of that you can eat those juniper roly things and my person won’t have to leave me alone in the house while she goes out there with a broom.

And while you’re at it, you can have some of the beans that I left along the trail for you too.

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Blame it on the Cat

Neighbor CatOops! I think I’m in trouble again. But it’s not my fault. My person was outside sweeping up juniper berries. I don’t like it when she goes outside without me, but then it got even worse. I saw a strange cat sitting in our driveway. Do you believe it? In our driveway – my driveway! My person saw the cat too.

Then you know what she did? She came in and got her camera to take pictures of that cat. I love it when she takes pictures of me. Something about the click of the camera excites me and I jump and drag my toys around the house. My person has to take extra pictures of me because I’m giving her so many great poses.

But she wanted to take pictures of that cat. That’s not fair and as a matter of fact it’s totally bad. I jumped and barked at the front window. I’m not supposed to be on the couch that’s there, but I didn’t care. Then I jumped up really high and pawed at the blinds coming down. Oops. I broke a slat. But it’s not my fault. I’m blaming it on the cat.

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Berry Blast

What are these things on the ground?

What are these things on the ground?

Last night I heard it. My person had music on but I still could hear it. A couple loud rumbles – my least favorite sound. I have trouble holding everything in when the storms come around, so when my person offered to take me outside I went for it.

She put my leash on and I drug her to the front door. I had to get out in a hurry. We went outside and I drug her close to my favorite front yard pine tree. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. The lightning reflected throughout the clouds, and it flashed and reflected again.

And then it happened. My person and I were being pelted. It didn’t feel like rain – we weren’t getting wet. Maybe it was hail. I don’t think so though. Hail this big would hurt when it hit. Oh, no. That juniper tree over there. That’s what it is. The wind is blowing and the tree is letting go. We’re being pelted with flying juniper berries. I think I discovered a new kind of weather.


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