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White Fluffy Clouds

Thunder cloud build upCheck out these white fluffy clouds.

They look pretty, don’t they?

And how can such a pretty thing be anything but harmless?

Well, I’m here to tell you – looks can be deceiving.

Every year about this time, these clouds start showing up.



They even sneak up from behind the big rocks.

Thunder clouds forming behind a hill

And these clouds are up to no good.

They’re full of all kinds of mischief and devious things.

Things like thunder, and lightning.

And every one of them is out to get me.

It might not be so bad if they showed up every once in awhile.

But they hang around my trails and my house for almost three months every year.

I’ve got to figure out something.

There must be some way to get them to go away.

If anybody has any ideas please let me know.

Because I’ve just about had it with these soft looking, fluffy clouds that aren’t so soft and fluffy.

Bongo looking at thunder clouds behind Sedona red rocks

See, I told you.

Their true nature is finally coming out.

Dark and nasty looking.

That’s what they turn into when they give off their thunder.

Bongo looking at more thunder clouds behind Sedona red rocks

Oh no! There’s more over there.

I’m outta’ here!

Could somebody come get me when it’s all over?


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After a Rain

Bongo trying to go down another trailEarlier today we had a bunch of thunder and some rain, but things had calmed down.

So my person and I decided to go for a walk.

Because of the rain everything smelled fresh and good, and the rain and clouds had cooled the air.

Rather than sweltering in the heat like we’ve been doing the last few days, it felt refreshing out in the cooler temperature.

This was turning into one of the best walks I’ve been on in a long time.

But then it happened.

First it was just a few drops of rain.

I can handle that.

But then I saw it.

A big flash of lightning.

And you know what comes after that.


I hate thunder. I’m deathly afraid of it.

Fortunately we were right at the beginning of a trail heading into the wash.

And it was the opposite direction of that thunder.

It’s a cool trail too, because you have to climb over big rocks when you get into the wash there.

But my person didn’t get it. She said we weren’t going that way.

I insisted.

Bongo refusing to budge

I lost.

But that thunder kept getting worse. And it came from the very direction we were headed.

My person says we have to go through this stuff to get home.

But I’m sure we can still get home if we head in another direction.

Bongo digging in


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Thunder Mischief

Bongo looking toward the thunderI cannot believe the mischief my person was up to this weekend. On Sunday afternoon we had one of those nasty thunderstorms. It kept getting louder and louder and then finally – craackk!!! – the lightning and the thunder came at the same time – right over the house. It was the loudest thunder in history!

My person took me outside after that and I was glad to get out of the house where that loud noise hit.

I took care of business and got some loves from my neighbor, and then you know what my person did?

She drug me back into the house. That’s where the loud noise came from. I don’t want to go back in there.

And then a little while later my person did it again. She took me outside for a walk and now the thunder was rumbling on my trails.

Thunder Clouds over Sedona

I wish my person would let me stay where the thunder isn’t.

It wasn’t too bad at first because we were going away from the thunder. But then my person started getting really mischievous. She wanted to head back. I didn’t like that direction at all. Come on person, let’s keep going this direction.

Bongo Heading Away from the Thunder

Finally we made it back home. The thunder’s outside now so I’m heading in. But what I really wish is that my person would stop her mischief and figure out how to turn the thunder off.

I guess until she does I’ll bury myself under this blanket.

Bongo Under a Blanket

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Thunder Run

Bongo trying to run from thunderI think my person did it to me on purpose. Almost as soon as we went outside for a walk I heard her mumble something about lightning. Then no sooner than we got on my trails I heard it. It wasn’t loud but it was definitely there. That low rolling sound of thunder.

I immediately started running. If I go fast enough I might be able to get away from it – but my person had other ideas. Boing! I hit the end of the leash. I was attached to my person and I can’t ever seem to get her to run.

Come on, person. If we move fast enough we might be able to escape that thing. Hurry up!

My person would have nothing to do with it. I’m not sure why. She’s strange sometimes.

I decided since my person wouldn’t run with me I’d better protect her, so I stuck close by her.

Bongo staying close

When she started to turn to head back home I did everything I could to convince her not to go that way. That’s where the thunder was coming from. My person needs some serious training. She wouldn’t listen at all.

We headed back home and I couldn’t decide if I should try running ahead or stick close to my person – so I did both. I went straight home and didn’t even detour to go in my wash like I usually do.

We finally made it. That was really hard, but I got my person home safe. I really thought that thunder was going to get her.


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Berry Blast

What are these things on the ground?

What are these things on the ground?

Last night I heard it. My person had music on but I still could hear it. A couple loud rumbles – my least favorite sound. I have trouble holding everything in when the storms come around, so when my person offered to take me outside I went for it.

She put my leash on and I drug her to the front door. I had to get out in a hurry. We went outside and I drug her close to my favorite front yard pine tree. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. The lightning reflected throughout the clouds, and it flashed and reflected again.

And then it happened. My person and I were being pelted. It didn’t feel like rain – we weren’t getting wet. Maybe it was hail. I don’t think so though. Hail this big would hurt when it hit. Oh, no. That juniper tree over there. That’s what it is. The wind is blowing and the tree is letting go. We’re being pelted with flying juniper berries. I think I discovered a new kind of weather.


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