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Posting My Colors

Scratchy here.

Since Bongo hasn’t been on his blog for a few days I might as well take advantage of it.

Scratchy the black cat on orange

This is a perfect day to post my colors.


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Famous Gizmo

Bongo digging inWe had a horrendous thunder storm today so I wouldn’t couldn’t go on my walk.

I think my person was too scared of the thunder so I didn’t want to take a chance and take her.

I thought I would be nice to her and keep her safe at home.

So to pass the time I started looking at a magazine.

National Geographic.

And I learned something I never knew before.



Gizmo is famous.

Gizmo sitting up with his legs out

He not only has his picture on my blog, but he has a full page in National Geographic.

Don’t tell him that I’m a little bit jealous.

If he knew that I’d never hear the end of it.

And if you don’t believe me you can check out the online picture of Gizmo here:

What? You don’t think this looks anything like Gizmo?

That’s gotta show what happens when a little fame goes to your head.

Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop

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A Tribute to Timmy

TimmyHe was my best neighborhood dog friend. He lived right across the street so I saw him a lot.

He wasn’t like me. He hung out on his front porch and usually stayed there. I would have been off and running. But sometimes my person would let me go over there and say hi.

We often went out on the trails together – me and my person and Timmy and his people. But Timmy would turn around and head back home when I was just barely getting started.


Timmy and Bongo

Timmy was old, and he walked with a limp. But he was always good for a sniff, and we checked each other out that way often.

I can imagine Timmy now. No limp – no tired old body. He must be off and running on the trails somewhere as fast as I do.

I expect to be running around on my trails for a long time to come yet, maybe as long as Timmy did. Seventeen years is a pretty long time.

But when I’m finally old and worn out there’s one thing I’ve gotta ask.

Timmy, can you save a place for me on your trails?

Bongo and Timmy


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Missing Bongo???

Scratchy on the DoorThis is Scratchy here again. Still hanging out in the house by myself. I’ve been wondering what to do so I decided to try a balancing act. I thought I’d see what my younger person has on the top of his bookshelf and the top of the door is the way to get there.

It was a little tricky getting up here and now I’ve got to figure out the best way to get down.

Okay, I admit it. I’m really bored and I had to make up something to tell you. After all, Bongo’s not around to know I’m on his blog so I’ve got to write something.

That picture of me is real, my person didn’t Photoshop it or anything, but she took it a long time ago. I’m not as spry as I used to be and besides, the furniture’s been rearranged and there’s no bookshelf near the door anymore.

I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m actually missing Bongo.


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Thirst Quencher

Bongo Drinking WaterI really like to drink water. Especially in the summer, I drink lots of it. My person says she is always having to fill up my water dish. I’m not quiet about my drinking. I’m not very neat either. When I drink water I lap it up fast and make as much noise as possible while I’m doing it. When I’m finished there is usually a good size puddle around my water dish.

Scratchy has his own water dish, but he likes mine better because it has fresher water in it. I guess he doesn’t mind putting up with a little dog slobber mixed in. He probably thinks it gives the water a little better flavor.

My favorite time to drink water is when my people are watching a movie. I usually get yelled at and told to stop, but I don’t until I’m good and ready. Usually the volume on the movie gets noticeably louder, but I can get louder too. Once I’m done though, the best thing to do is pick up a ball because I can get it really wet with all the water in my mouth, and drop it in someone’s lap. They don’t need to watch a movie.


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Weed Eater

Bongo Eating WeedsWe had lots of rain this summer and it created some special treats for me out in the yard. My person calls them weeds. When my person let me outside I would start munching. Some of those weeds weren’t the best tasting, but I’ll eat anything – except olives. My person must not have liked me munching on weeds because sometimes she’d grab me by the collar and make me go back in the house.

Sometimes my stomach would get all grumbly and rumbly and I wouldn’t feel very good. My person said it was probably from all the weeds I ate. I’m not sure why. I eat lettuce and don’t have any problems. Isn’t that kind of like weeds?

I guess my person got tired of me eating those weeds because one day she went outside and pulled them all. She didn’t even save any for me. She threw all of them in the garbage. Do you believe it? What a waste of good weeds.


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Squeaky Snake

Bongo and SnakeSqueaky toys are my favorite. I love to bite down on them and listen to the noise they make. One of my best squeaky toys is a long snake. It has squeaks at both ends so I can squeak the head and I can squeak the tail. What’s even better is that it has replaceable squeakers – so it never runs out of squeak. I just have to remind my person to put new squeakers in it sometimes.

When I first got the snake I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I took it outside. I like taking my toys outside. My person caught on to this so now she makes me drop my toys before she’ll open the door. Anyway, she hadn’t yet got smart about this when I got the snake and I was able to get it outside. I had a lot of fun with it out there.

I wouldn’t tell my person what I did with it, and since it was new she didn’t want me to lose it. She went out in the yard looking for it. She had to look real hard for it, but I guess I didn’t bury it deep enough. She found it by the tail that was still sticking out of the ground.


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Blame it on the Cat

Neighbor CatOops! I think I’m in trouble again. But it’s not my fault. My person was outside sweeping up juniper berries. I don’t like it when she goes outside without me, but then it got even worse. I saw a strange cat sitting in our driveway. Do you believe it? In our driveway – my driveway! My person saw the cat too.

Then you know what she did? She came in and got her camera to take pictures of that cat. I love it when she takes pictures of me. Something about the click of the camera excites me and I jump and drag my toys around the house. My person has to take extra pictures of me because I’m giving her so many great poses.

But she wanted to take pictures of that cat. That’s not fair and as a matter of fact it’s totally bad. I jumped and barked at the front window. I’m not supposed to be on the couch that’s there, but I didn’t care. Then I jumped up really high and pawed at the blinds coming down. Oops. I broke a slat. But it’s not my fault. I’m blaming it on the cat.

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Let’s Play

Bongo and ScratchyScratchy usually keeps his distance from me but sometimes – not very often – he gets close enough that we can play. I’m not sure why, but he doesn’t like to play for very long. Usually he runs away very quickly. Sometimes he even jumps up on top of the kitchen cabinets so I can’t get anywhere near him. I can jump pretty high, and I’ve tried to jump high enough to reach him up there, but I’ve never had any luck.

I’ve never hurt Scratchy – even though he’s scratched me on the nose a few times – so I can’t figure out why he doesn’t want to play with me. After all, I’m one of the most playful dogs I know. I think everyone should want to play with me. I mean, I’m really fun to play with.

I wonder if he thought I was having so much fun jumping that he decided to do it too. He didn’t get it quite right though. I come down right away. Scratchy jumps up, lands on top of the cabinets, and doesn’t come down for a long time. Come on Scratchy. Let’s play!


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Bongo Nemesis

I think I was just called a really bad name. My person and I were out on the trail near our house when along comes one of the dogs we see there sometimes with his person. That other dog’s person held his dog so he wouldn’t get too close to me. Then he called me that name. I didn’t even know what it meant and my person had to look it up for me. That person called me a nemesis.

Never mind that it was one of the dogs I tried to get to a couple weeks ago and my person didn’t let go of my leash and she hit her head on the pavement. I already wrote about that. My person made me write about it. But now I’m getting called names. I don’t think I even deserve that name. My person says a nemesis is someone who gets even. I don’t do that – well not very often, that is.

I wonder if I could get that dog to get loose off his leash and run off with me. That way I could get even with his person for calling me a name.

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