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Mysterious Object

Century Plant budI found this strange object when I was out on my trails. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I guess I’d better get investigating and figure out what it is.


Time for my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

This won’t do.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

That’s better.

Maybe it will help if I look at that object in its natural environment.

When I found it, it looked like this.

Century plant bud on the ground

Oh, look at this. These weeds are right near where I found this object.

Bongo checking out weeds

Maybe these will give me some clues.

Bongo turning from the weeds

I am not eating these weeds, person.

I didn’t find anything in here anyway.

What do you mean, look up?

Looking up at a Century Plant


What does that have to do with anything? Can’t you see how high it is?

This little thing I found was way down here.

Century Plant in front of Thunder Mountain

I still don’t know why you’re looking at that.

Bongo and a Century Plant

Well, yeah. It’s kind of the same color.

I’m not getting anywhere with this investigation. Let’s head on down the trail.

I’ll think about this later.


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The Perfect Weed

Clump of grass with thick blades going to seedCheck this out. The weed of weeds! And I found it right on my trails. I’ve been dreaming of a weed like this. I could spend hours of munching pleasure chomping down on this weed.

Look at it. Those luscious, shiny, beautiful blades of grass. And for dessert there are even some tiny weed seeds.

I’ve never seen a weed like this before. I don’t know where it came from, but I’m sure it was placed here just for me.

Now comes the challenge.

My person is standing right next to me and she likes to pull on my leash when I start chomping weeds. I’ve got to find something to distract her.

Maybe some cute little flowers that she can take pictures of.

Hey person! Over here! Check these out. You’d better get out your camera.

Little magenta flowers on a vine

Whew! Lucky break. Those flowers weren’t easy to find.

Now to chow down!


Oh yuck! Ptooey! Gross! This weed tastes terrible!

Hey person, put your camera away so we can go. I think I see some of my regular weeds over here.

Bongo Eating Weeds


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Save the Weeds

Bongo Eating WeedsPerfect conditions! Warm spring weather and we just had lots of snow that melted and soaked the ground. Guess what that means. Weeds! Bunches of them. And I really like munching on weeds.

My person took me out for an extra walk today because she wanted to get some pictures, and I took advantage of it to get some weed munching in. My person kept telling me to quit, but she was too busy with her camera to do anything about it, and I kept munching away.

What am I saying here? Somebody’s going to think I’m turning into a sheep. I still like meat and dog treats and stuff, but an occasional weed for dessert is nice. And I’ll chase the sheep before I turn into one myself.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. I got a taste of the weeds on my trails and I really looked forward to trying out the weeds in my yard. But you know what my person did? She went out in the yard and started pulling those weeds out of the ground. She put them in a big black bag and threw that in the garbage can.

I think I could have convinced her to save some of those weeds, but she wouldn’t even let me go out in the yard with her. She said it wasn’t even to keep me from eating weeds. Something about getting bored and jumping the fence when she was out pulling weeds before.

Hey person, that was way last summer. I won’t do that again. I’ll just stay in the yard and graze. Really.


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Popsicle Weeds

Popsicle WeedsAround my house weeds grow year round. We get different ones in the summer and more of them, but we have a few winter weeds too. Sometimes weeds are tasty treats and I like to go out into my yard and munch. My person doesn’t like it when I do, so I have to try to do it on the sly.

The other day I found a new kind of weed. I tried to eat it but it was a bit stiff and didn’t have much flavor. And it was cold – and frosty.

I think it was a popsicle weed. But I would be really embarrassed sharing this popsicle weed as is, so I need to make some improvements in it. My person says people popsicles have flavors like cherry, or grape, or lemon.

Well those flavors don’t work for me so I thought maybe I’d try peanut butter popsicle weeds, and maybe cheese popsicle weeds. And I could make some chicken flavor and beef flavor popsicle weeds too.

I’m going to get right on this so I can share these new treats with all my friends. I just have one thing to work out before I get started.

Does anybody know how to get frozen peanut butter to stick to a weed?


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Weed Eater

Bongo Eating WeedsWe had lots of rain this summer and it created some special treats for me out in the yard. My person calls them weeds. When my person let me outside I would start munching. Some of those weeds weren’t the best tasting, but I’ll eat anything – except olives. My person must not have liked me munching on weeds because sometimes she’d grab me by the collar and make me go back in the house.

Sometimes my stomach would get all grumbly and rumbly and I wouldn’t feel very good. My person said it was probably from all the weeds I ate. I’m not sure why. I eat lettuce and don’t have any problems. Isn’t that kind of like weeds?

I guess my person got tired of me eating those weeds because one day she went outside and pulled them all. She didn’t even save any for me. She threw all of them in the garbage. Do you believe it? What a waste of good weeds.


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