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My Century is Best

Bongo and a century plantYesterday, when my person took her big camera and wouldn’t take me she said she was looking for smoke.

Well yeah, she found that smoke, but that wasn’t the only thing she was looking for.

She went scouting for century plants.

The place where she went to find smoke is also the area where we find lots of century plants this time of year.

But I think my person was being punished for not taking me along.

Because she hardly found any century plants there.

And the best one of all is the one right next to my trail.

The one we’ve been watching grow every day.

My person needs to learn that the best things show up when I’m there with her.


So just to prove it, I actually let her take some pictures of my century plant.

Century plant next to Bongo's trail

Century plant

Century plant with red rocks in the background

But these better be the last pictures she takes – of something that’s not me.


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Gone with the Century

Bongo and a fallen down century plantHmmm. What’s this?

It looks like it’s from another century.

Last year’s century.

I know last year was only a year, but it had centuries in it too.

How do I know?

Because here’s one of them right here.



Bongo looking at the fallen down century plant

This century plant grew up right next to my trail last year.

And now it’s gone. Splat!

Bongo walking away from the century plant

I guess that’s the end of the centuries on my trails.

I’ll have to take it year by year now.

One of these big things only shows up once in a hundred years.

I don’t think I’ll be around for the next one.


Hey, what’s this smell?

Bongo sniffing near a new century plant

It smells like that century plant.

Bongo walking away from the century plant

Naw. There’s not a chance in a hundred that another century plant would show up on my trails.

Probably a good thing.

My person takes too many pictures of them.

Tall century plant stalk


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“S” Stands for…

An S shape in rockCheck this out.

There’s an S on my trails.

That must be for me.

I know my name starts with a B.

Oh, wait.

If that S is there then that means somebody knows my secret identity.

My trails must know it for sure.

I didn’t think my trails knew that about me.

I guess there’s no keeping it quiet anymore.

I’m mild mannered Bongo by day…


Super Dog

Super Dog by night!

It’s Super Dog to the rescue!


Oh oh.

I think I messed up.

I was tricked into giving away my secret.

That S wasn’t for me at all.

Because look at this.

A century plant just starting out

It’s the new beginnings of the first Sentury plant this year.

That S must be there to announce the birth of this plant.


It is too there for this plant.

What do you mean, it’s a See?

See starts with S.

So what’s the deal?

It’s a Century Plant with a C?

Then somebody’s all confused.

Because they wrote the wrong letter in that rock.


Maybe Super Dog should go C about this.

There might be a Kat involved.


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Blocked Trail

Bongo and a downed century plantWhat is going on here?

Somebody is trying to put a roadblock across my trails.

I hope they understand that these are my trails and nobody is allowed to block them up.

What is this thing, anyway?




Century plant laying across the trail

Oh, now I see.

What we have here is a mischievous century plant.

A century plant that decided to lay down on the job.

Well, century plant – I don’t care if you do want to drop your seed pods all in one spot.

And I don’t care if you’re tired of standing and want to lie down.

Don’t do it across my trails!

There’s plenty of room if you just lie down heading the other way – and you won’t be blocking anybody’s path.

Bongo's path blocked by the downed century plant

This century plant is so stubborn. It’s not listening to me at all.

What am I going to do?

Bongo's leash wrapped around the century plant as he goes under it

I guess going under this thing will work as well as anything.


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Searching for Century Plants

Bongo near a century plantMy person and I went out on an extra long walk. A century plant trek.

We started out on the trail where most of the century plants were last year. We figured we’d find lots of them. Well, my person figured. I was just happy for the walk.

We found some century plants.

The old dead ones from last year.

But there were only a couple new century plants on this whole trail, and they weren’t even in full bloom yet.

So we headed back. The trail is a loop so we kept looking for century plants on the way back.

And then we found it.


Century plants on a hill

Century Plant Hill.

Century plants with sunlit rocks behind

There were lots of century plants on this hill. Last year there were only two.

Century plant against blue sky

Century plant with red rocks behind

Century plant with intense yellow and red colors

close up of century plant blossoms

If you look really close you can even see the bugs flying around the flowers.

Speaking of bugs, they were everywhere. Especially on my person because she doesn’t have lots of hair to protect her like I do. Those little “no see ‘ems” that come out this time of year were all over her arms.

So we headed back home.

Century plant against a cloudy sky

But my person still couldn’t stop taking pictures, even though the bugs were worse around the plants.

I thought maybe if I turned the color off…

Century plant silhouette against a cloudy sky

the bugs would go away. But they didn’t…

Century plant with Coffee Pot Rock in the background

so I turned the color back on again.

Century plants, trees, and Mogollon Rim

One last look at Century Plant Hill and we headed home.

Century plant with bird in a blossom

Come on, person. I said we were heading home. I don’t care if there’s a bird in that plant. You have to look really close to see it.

Well, if you’re going to stop and take pictures of birds, then you’d better show the picture of me…

Bongo and little white and black dog

and the new friend I made on the way to Century Plant Hill.

This part was way more fun than looking for century plants.


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Mysterious Object

Century Plant budI found this strange object when I was out on my trails. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I guess I’d better get investigating and figure out what it is.


Time for my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

This won’t do.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

That’s better.

Maybe it will help if I look at that object in its natural environment.

When I found it, it looked like this.

Century plant bud on the ground

Oh, look at this. These weeds are right near where I found this object.

Bongo checking out weeds

Maybe these will give me some clues.

Bongo turning from the weeds

I am not eating these weeds, person.

I didn’t find anything in here anyway.

What do you mean, look up?

Looking up at a Century Plant


What does that have to do with anything? Can’t you see how high it is?

This little thing I found was way down here.

Century Plant in front of Thunder Mountain

I still don’t know why you’re looking at that.

Bongo and a Century Plant

Well, yeah. It’s kind of the same color.

I’m not getting anywhere with this investigation. Let’s head on down the trail.

I’ll think about this later.


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Name that Corner

Bongo by a Bird of Paradise bushThis time of year my street has two corners with special names. At least I think they should have special names.

After we got back from my trails I got an extra long walk so we could go to these corners and my person could take pictures. I guess I don’t mind her taking pictures if I get a longer walk because of it.

This first corner is for the birds.

Bird of Paradise, that is. That’s what these yellow flowers are called.


Bird of Paradise bush


Bird of Paradise flower


The next corner is Century Plant Corner.

Every year for as long as I can remember, one Century Plant has shot up on this corner.

Century plant on a corner


I’m not sure what’s going on though, because these corners have the wrong street signs on them. They have some really strange names that don’t even look like Bird of Paradise Corner or Century Plant Corner.

This is really bad, because people are going to get lost when they try to find these places.

Maybe I’d better get some new signs and post them on these corners.

Oh yeah, forget the signs. That Century Plant isn’t in full bloom yet and awhile back I promised I’d show some pictures of the ones on my trails when they started blooming. My person made my climb a hill so she could get pictures of this one. The first one to bloom on my trails this year.

Century plant in front of Thunder Mountain


Century plant blooming red and yellow with a blue sky


Century plant in front of Coffee Pot Rock


Alright, that’s enough. Stop your gawking.

This is a blog about me.



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