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“S” Stands for…

An S shape in rockCheck this out.

There’s an S on my trails.

That must be for me.

I know my name starts with a B.

Oh, wait.

If that S is there then that means somebody knows my secret identity.

My trails must know it for sure.

I didn’t think my trails knew that about me.

I guess there’s no keeping it quiet anymore.

I’m mild mannered Bongo by day…


Super Dog

Super Dog by night!

It’s Super Dog to the rescue!


Oh oh.

I think I messed up.

I was tricked into giving away my secret.

That S wasn’t for me at all.

Because look at this.

A century plant just starting out

It’s the new beginnings of the first Sentury plant this year.

That S must be there to announce the birth of this plant.


It is too there for this plant.

What do you mean, it’s a See?

See starts with S.

So what’s the deal?

It’s a Century Plant with a C?

Then somebody’s all confused.

Because they wrote the wrong letter in that rock.


Maybe Super Dog should go C about this.

There might be a Kat involved.


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What’s That Scream?

People screaming on top of SugarloafMy person and I walked out my front door for our walk today and heard someone screaming. This isn’t a sound I’m used to hearing so I looked around to see where it was coming from. Way up on the top of Sugarloaf were two tiny people, and one of them was screaming.

This got me worried. Did I need to run back into the house and put on my Super Dog costume? It looked like somebody needed rescuing. Of course now I had to figure out what this person needed rescuing from.

There was a raven flying around and cawing. This raven looked large enough to pluck a tiny person from the top of Sugarloaf. I may have to use my super flying powers to get up there fast enough to rescue that person.

What if that tiny screaming person was about to slip and fall. I may have to fly up there and catch her before she fell all the way. But what if she only fell part way and got stuck?

Hey person, do you have a rope? We might have to take it up there. I’ll hold it in my teeth and throw it down to that person so she can climb back up.

What? She’s only having fun? You think she’s screaming because she made it to the top and she has a great view? You mean I don’t get to rescue her?

So much for Super Dog. And I was really hoping to get in some loves.

Super Dog


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