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Pointing the Wrong Way

Bongo on the trail looking backNo no no, person.

You’re doing it all wrong.

You’re pointing your camera the wrong way.

You’re supposed to be pointing it at me.






What are you doing anyway?

There’s nothing interesting over there.

Sugarloaf lit in sunlight with the moon above it

Sugarloaf lit up with the moon above it

I’m not sure why, but I have this sudden urge to howl.


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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing on SugarloafPeople have been doing strange things on my trails lately.

Awhile back someone rappelled down the side of my rock called Sugarloaf.

Today someone else is climbing right up it.

You’d think they’d want to coordinate with each other.

I mean, which is it – up or down?

No one seems to be able to make up their minds.


Personally, I think the trail on the back of Sugarloaf is much easier, but I guess these people didn’t want to walk that far.

I guess this way is a lot shorter.

And look, she’s almost at the top.

Person almost to the top of Sugarloar

But as soon as the first person made it up, her friend decided she’d give it a try.

Two climbers on Sugarloaf

I know you have to look kind of hard, but there’s a pink shirt in the middle of the picture.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking…

There must be something to this climbing thing.

It looks like fun.

Maybe I should try it.

But I think I should start out on something a little easier.

Bongo climbing onto a rock

How’s this?

I’m almost to the top.


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Strange Sounds

Bongo looking at SugarloafSometimes when I’m out on my trails I hear strange sounds coming from the top of Sugarloaf.

In case you haven’t figured it out, Sugarloaf is that round, red, hill thing over there.

So anyway, back to those strange sounds.

Sometimes I hear people yelling from up there.

Sometimes someone is playing a flute.

I’ve even heard drums beating up there.

But today I heard one of the strangest sounds of all.

I heard chanting.


And not just any chanting.

Three people were chanting in unison.

They must have practiced a long time because they all were in the same place at the same time with their chant.

I heard that sound, but I had to look all over the place before I finally found where it was coming from.

So I had my person take a picture of those chanters so you could see them too.

But I think you might have to look as hard as I did in order to find them.

People chanting in Sugarloaf

Happy chanting – I mean looking.


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Not My Adventure

Bongo on the trail on a cloudy dayI headed up my trails as usual, minding my own business.

I’m always looking for some kind of adventure, but this time I found somebody else having an adventure.

I got really concerned because this person was way up high on Sugarloaf, the large, round, red rock hill next to my trails.

This person stood on a ledge and it looked like she was going to step off – right down a straight cliff.

If that person doesn’t have super sticky shoes and fingers she is going to fall right down to the bottom.

And then she did step off.

But she didn’t fall.


She kind of hung there, right in the middle of the cliff.

What kind of a trick is this? Can she fly?

Maybe she has super Jedi powers and she’s going to pop right back up to the ledge.

But none of that happened.

She didn’t fly, and she didn’t pop.

She slid.

Right down to the bottom.


Oh wait a minute. I see it now.

She cheated.

Person rappelling down Sugarloaf

There’s  a rope hanging there.

Hey, that looks like fun.

Maybe if I drag my person up to that ledge she’ll let me slide down the rope.


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Into the Clouds

Sugarloaf clouded overWe’re going up where, person? To the top of Sugarloaf? But person, we hardly ever go up there and it looks like it’s starting to disappear. What happens to us if we’re up there and it disappears?

I’m not going up there.




You see this? There’s water here. There’s never water on my trails except sometimes when my puddle shows up.

Bongo exploring a little stream

You go and disappear on Sugarloaf. I’ll be up a creek if you want to find me.

Wait a minute. I said I was going up this creek. Where are you taking me? We never go this way.

A path up a hill

See person, you shouldn’t have gone this way. If that cactus hadn’t been there to stop you, you would have slipped all the way down the hill in that squishy mud. You didn’t get any pricklers did you?

Do you think you can pick those pricklers out at home?

Bongo looking rather wet

I’m feeling all washed up.

What!? We’ve got to keep going?


Okay, I think I’m in the clouds now.

Bongo on top of Sugarloaf

Can you see me?

You mean I haven’t disappeared yet?

Bongo looking like he's had enough

Good, because I’m ready to go.

Bongo with his leash tangled around a large rock

What do you mean, this isn’t the right way to go?


Hey, look at my puddle! Why didn’t we just come here? I’ve never seen it this deep before. Do you think the deepness has something to do with those boys who dug the dirt out of it?

Bongo wading in a large puddle

Hey person, stop taking pictures of me when I’m exploring.

You can take pictures of this instead.

The end of Bongo coming out of the puddle

That’s not fair. You didn’t take any pictures while I was jumping on you. You’re all muddy now, you know.

Bongo near a mini waterfall

I thought this was a dry wash.

Hey person, I bet you can wash all that mud off yourself here.

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Who Came Out

Sugarloaf in the sunAbout a year ago I did a post celebrating September 1st. That’s when thunder season is supposed to end – or so I thought. In reality we had bunches of thunderstorms during the month of September. I was not very happy.

So this September 1st I decided I’d better not celebrate. And it’s a good thing too because we had a big thunderstorm and bunches of rain. But the storm finally ended and my person said it was safe to go out.

I’m thinking my person announced that on a loudspeaker because I wasn’t the only one who came out.

The sun came out, but I didn’t really notice. There were too many interesting things on the trail.

Bongo missing the view of Sugarloaf

Some mushrooms came out.

Round Mushroom

Funny shaped mushroom

Then a rainbow came out, but it seemed to be rainbowerly challenged. It wasn’t all there.

Rainbow over Sugarloaf

But the best thing of all was when I discovered that my puddle came out.

Bongo in a large mud puddle

What do you mean, I can’t drink the water?

I’m not drinking it. I’m just giving my puddle a kiss.

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What’s That Scream?

People screaming on top of SugarloafMy person and I walked out my front door for our walk today and heard someone screaming. This isn’t a sound I’m used to hearing so I looked around to see where it was coming from. Way up on the top of Sugarloaf were two tiny people, and one of them was screaming.

This got me worried. Did I need to run back into the house and put on my Super Dog costume? It looked like somebody needed rescuing. Of course now I had to figure out what this person needed rescuing from.

There was a raven flying around and cawing. This raven looked large enough to pluck a tiny person from the top of Sugarloaf. I may have to use my super flying powers to get up there fast enough to rescue that person.

What if that tiny screaming person was about to slip and fall. I may have to fly up there and catch her before she fell all the way. But what if she only fell part way and got stuck?

Hey person, do you have a rope? We might have to take it up there. I’ll hold it in my teeth and throw it down to that person so she can climb back up.

What? She’s only having fun? You think she’s screaming because she made it to the top and she has a great view? You mean I don’t get to rescue her?

So much for Super Dog. And I was really hoping to get in some loves.

Super Dog


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What’s That Sound?

Native American ChanterToday we were out walking on the trails minding our own business when we heard a sound like a rattle and someone started chanting “Hey Yah – Hey Yah,” – whatever that means. I’ve never heard my people make any sounds like that.

Well we looked around for where the sound was coming from. My person thought it might be from the top of Sugarloaf where the tiny flute player had been awhile back, but she couldn’t see anyone up there. Then we saw him. On the side of Sugarloaf, partway up. All dressed out in Native American clothing and holding a rattle and a drum. I didn’t know what to make of all his chanting.

My person wanted to get closer to take a picture, but she really needed a telephoto lens – or to climb up the mountain with that guy. She didn’t want to do that. I think she was afraid he’d make her join in the chanting. I would have joined, but I’m not sure that guy would like it.


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