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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing on SugarloafPeople have been doing strange things on my trails lately.

Awhile back someone rappelled down the side of my rock called Sugarloaf.

Today someone else is climbing right up it.

You’d think they’d want to coordinate with each other.

I mean, which is it – up or down?

No one seems to be able to make up their minds.


Personally, I think the trail on the back of Sugarloaf is much easier, but I guess these people didn’t want to walk that far.

I guess this way is a lot shorter.

And look, she’s almost at the top.

Person almost to the top of Sugarloar

But as soon as the first person made it up, her friend decided she’d give it a try.

Two climbers on Sugarloaf

I know you have to look kind of hard, but there’s a pink shirt in the middle of the picture.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking…

There must be something to this climbing thing.

It looks like fun.

Maybe I should try it.

But I think I should start out on something a little easier.

Bongo climbing onto a rock

How’s this?

I’m almost to the top.


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