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End of the Walk

Storm over Mingus MountainHey person, look.

Over there.

There’s a storm on that mountain.

And if I can see the storm and hear the thunder then it’s far too close for comfort.





Bongo trying to run from thunder

That’s the end of this walk.


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Safe Walk?

Bongo looking at the trailI decided to take my person for a walk a little earlier than usual today.

We had the trails to ourselves – except for the lizards and birds, that is – because nobody uses my trails in the middle of the day in the summer.

The clouds were covering the sun and it was not quite as hot as usual.

But that’s what I was watching.





The clouds.


Pretty harmless so far.

I think we can keep going.

Cloud buildups with the sun on top

The sun’s still around.

Let’s walk further.

Cloud buildups behind Thunder Mountain

We’d better hurry.

That cloud’s beginning to look like something.

I’m not sure what, but it’s something.

Dark cloud buildups


Dark cloud buildups

Alright, I’m outta’ here.

That’s enough walking for today.


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Who Came Out

Sugarloaf in the sunAbout a year ago I did a post celebrating September 1st. That’s when thunder season is supposed to end – or so I thought. In reality we had bunches of thunderstorms during the month of September. I was not very happy.

So this September 1st I decided I’d better not celebrate. And it’s a good thing too because we had a big thunderstorm and bunches of rain. But the storm finally ended and my person said it was safe to go out.

I’m thinking my person announced that on a loudspeaker because I wasn’t the only one who came out.

The sun came out, but I didn’t really notice. There were too many interesting things on the trail.

Bongo missing the view of Sugarloaf

Some mushrooms came out.

Round Mushroom

Funny shaped mushroom

Then a rainbow came out, but it seemed to be rainbowerly challenged. It wasn’t all there.

Rainbow over Sugarloaf

But the best thing of all was when I discovered that my puddle came out.

Bongo in a large mud puddle

What do you mean, I can’t drink the water?

I’m not drinking it. I’m just giving my puddle a kiss.

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Tied Up

Bongo tied upThis is real embarrassing. I hardly want to tell you about it – but my people were so full of mischief this weekend that I’ve got to.

Sunday afternoon I was starting to get a little nervous. There were some distant thunderstorms and I don’t like them at all. My person said she couldn’t even hear the thunder, but she knew something was going on by the way I was acting.

So what did she do? She tried to leave the house without me. I don’t like it when she leaves me during a thunderstorm so I do my best to get out of the house with her. Well, she tricked me and got out anyway.

Really, I kind of let her trick me because my younger person was still in the house so I wasn’t all alone.

Well, those thunderstorms kept on going and then, you know what? You’re not going to believe this.

My younger person decided he was going to leave the house too. I certainly wasn’t going to let him leave the house without me. If I had anything to say about it my younger person was going to stay right where he was.

And then he did it! He took some tow rope and tied me up to the wood stove so I couldn’t leave the house with him. If that isn’t mischief I don’t know what is!

At least my person showed up at the house a few minutes later. But you know what she did? She refused to untie me until she got her camera out and took pictures.

If my people are going to get into mischief, they could at least find somebody else to embarrass.


If you want to see what my person looks like, check this out. We both got to be guests on another blog today. Check it out here.

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Happy September 1st

Happy September 1stToday is September 1st. I’m really excited. I know it probably doesn’t mean much to you. It’s not a special holiday or anything. It’s not even a dog holiday. But for me it’s the best day of the year. You want to know why? For two months now I’ve been putting up with something I don’t like at all. Something I’m very afraid of. It’s called thunder. July and August are called monsoon season here. That’s when most of our thunderstorms come. But now it’s not July anymore and it’s not August. It’s September and that means no more thunderstorms. Yay!

What’s that? Did I just hear thunder rumbling in the distance? Noooo, nooooo! It can’t possibly be. It must be something else. It’s September 1st.


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