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Safe Walk?

Bongo looking at the trailI decided to take my person for a walk a little earlier than usual today.

We had the trails to ourselves – except for the lizards and birds, that is – because nobody uses my trails in the middle of the day in the summer.

The clouds were covering the sun and it was not quite as hot as usual.

But that’s what I was watching.





The clouds.


Pretty harmless so far.

I think we can keep going.

Cloud buildups with the sun on top

The sun’s still around.

Let’s walk further.

Cloud buildups behind Thunder Mountain

We’d better hurry.

That cloud’s beginning to look like something.

I’m not sure what, but it’s something.

Dark cloud buildups


Dark cloud buildups

Alright, I’m outta’ here.

That’s enough walking for today.


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Lizard Blog

Lizard on a rockI see lots of lizards on my trails. They like to hang out in the sun. Most of the time when I come near they run off and hide somewhere.

But I found a lizard that isn’t like that. This lizard actually hung around and posed for my person’s camera.

I think there’s something wrong with that. I mean, lizards are supposed to run. They’re little fraidy cats. My person almost never gets pictures of lizards because they run and hide so fast.

This concerns me. Why did this lizard want to have its picture taken?

Maybe – just maybe, this lizard wants to take over my blog.

Can you imagine that? A lizard blog?

What would a lizard write about?

“Oh, it’s a hot sunny day today. I’m going to hang out on this rock and bake. —Oh, it’s freezing cold now. I’m going to hide under the rock and hibernate.”

How exciting is that? Come on little lizard. Just try to take over my blog. Let’s see how many followers you get.

And just in case you really think you can do it, there’s a cloud over there that’s ready to come down and swallow you up.

Thundercloud behind Coffee Pot Rock

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