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Lizard Without a Tail

Lizard without a tailLook at this.

This is the strangest lizard.

Or a poor excuse for a lizard.

It has no tail.

Well, it kind of has a stub where its tail should be.

But I think I know why.

We have lots of lizards on my trails but my person hardly ever gets pictures of them.

All we see of them is the tail end as they scurry away.

But this lizard is hanging out for pictures.

Which means, some time ago it must have hung out long enough for somebody to catch it by the tail.

And you know what lizards do when they’re caught by the tail?

They drop their tail.

And the would be lizard eater is left with just a wriggly tail in its mouth while the lizard scurries away.

But this lizard better watch it because now it has no more tail to drop.

At least until that little stub turns into a new tail.


Get along little lizard.

Lizard on the trail running off

It’s about time you left.

Hey, I just realized something.

That lizard took over my whole blog.

Bongo sitting and smiling

Please forget that you ever saw a lizard.

This blog is supposed to be about me.

And see, I even have a tail.


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Do Lizards Jump?

Lizard on a logDo lizards jump?

My person says they do – or at least this one lizard jumps.

She says she saw it jump twice.

I’ve never seen a lizard jump.

I’ve seen lots of lizards scurry away when I come near.

They usually keep going until they find a rock or a bush to hide under.

For some reason lizards don’t seem to like me.

I don’t know why. I’ve never bothered one.


But I’ve never seen a lizard jump.

Looking Away

Okay, I admit I was looking the other way when my person saw that lizard jump.

Or says she saw that lizard jump.

I think she’s making it up.

I don’t see any videos of a lizard jumping.

You’d think if she saw a lizard doing something so unusual she’d take a video of it.

It happened too fast?

Some excuse. You say it happened twice.

You should have been ready for it the second time.

I think we need some witnesses around here.

I’m inviting all my friends to come out on my trails with me.

Lizard on a tree

We’ll see if anyone spots a lizard that jumps.


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I Am Not Weird

Bongo by a bushI am not weird. What do you mean I’m weird?

What do you mean, I don’t do that? You mean I’m weird if I don’t do what other dogs do?

I bet most of my blogging dog buddies don’t do that either.

What do you mean they don’t do that because they don’t get a chance?

Don’t those things cross everyone’s path – in the summer at least?

They’re constantly flitting around on my trails.

If I chased every one of them that I saw I’d be totally worn out.

And besides you’d be yanking on my leash when you didn’t want to follow me through the bushes.

You think I should have chased those two that ran right under my nose today? Just because other dogs would have done it?

You’d better be glad I am weird then, or I’d be yanking your arm right out of its socket when I took off. They run fast.

Look, there goes one now.

Lizard on a rock

Do you want me to chase it?

I’m not weird. I don’t bother the ones on my trails because I figure that’s where they belong.

But watch out if they come in my yard.

When I find one of those yard lizards…

Lizard on a tree trunk

I’m chasing it up a tree.


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Don’t Steal My Blog

Lizard on the rock in the shadeI think somebody is trying to take over my trails. And steal my blog. And become the center of attention.

How dare this creature pose for the main picture in my blog post? That spot should always be reserved for me.

At least that creature is small. Maybe all anyone sees is a rock and a bunch of branches. Maybe that little thing blends in with the background.


Now that the weather is getting warmer, lizards have been scurrying around on my trails.

I don’t even bother trying to chase them. They run right off and hide before I even get near.

We have the wimpiest creatures on my trails. The only ones willing to get near me are my dog friends – and the people, of course.

All the creatures that live on my trails run off at the mere thought that someone might be coming too close. Even the birds fly off when we get near – as if we could ever catch them up a tree.

Maybe I should bring Scratchy on my trails with me. He could climb up the tree after those birds and then when they fly off he’d be stuck there.

Hey, great idea. Why didn’t I think of that before?

But where was I going with this?

Oh yes, that lizard.

It’s a good thing he does run off so easily.

He’s going to have a hard time taking over my blog if he’s running off to hide in the bushes.

Lizard running into the bushes

Now to go get Scratchy.


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How Old is that Lizard?

Plastic lizard embedded in clayI think it’s time to put on my Detective Dog hat because my person was cleaning up pine needles in my yard and look what she found. A lizard fossil.

This raises all kinds of questions. How did that lizard fossil get here? Where did it come from? How old is that lizard anyway?

I bet some paleontologist (did I say that word?) would be really excited to find this lizard. But he didn’t and I did – so I get to answer all these questions.

I bet this lizard lived thousands of years ago and this one got stuck in the mud way back when the rocks around here were white instead of red like they are now. Since I’ve never found any other kind of fossils, that proves that lizards are the oldest creatures around here – except for dogs, that is. Everyone knows that dogs have always been here – fossils or not.

When God created dogs He put them everywhere on earth because everyone needs to have a dog around. But lizards, they’re so scared they run away whenever they see somebody. They probably ran here because they were so busy running away from somebody somewhere else.

What, person? What do you mean? My younger person stuck that lizard in that rock when he was a little person? Well, that doesn’t make sense.

My younger person must be older than he looks to have stuck that lizard in that rock thousands of years ago. Maybe he’s into time travel. Oh boy, I think I’ve got another mystery on my hands.


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My New Pet

Bongo sniffing an upside down boxMy person and I have not been able to agree on a pet and I was beginning to think I would never get one. Except for my friend Dalton who said she’d come over and be my pet – but my person said it will take her a long time to get here because she lives so far away.

But today, my pet showed up. I don’t know if I picked him, or if he picked me. He came into the house on his own. I told him to be quiet and hide so my person wouldn’t notice him until he was settled in.

But he decided to come out and show himself. He stayed in one spot and kind of blended in to the carpet.

I watched as my person looked toward him. I’d hoped she’d think I left something on the floor and she’d ignore it. At first I thought she did.

But then I saw her do a double take. She looked closer at my pet. And then she walked away.

Well pet, I guess you’re okay here. Maybe it’s time to come up with a name for you.

My person came back with a box and put it over my pet.

Scratchy tried to get the box off. I think he wants a pet too. No Scratchy, I think our person is just keeping him in a box until she can find something better to put him in.

Hey, wait a minute! My person is taking that box outside. And my new pet is in it.

What do you mean I can’t have that pet in the house?

What do you mean he’s an outdoor pet?

Next time I get a new pet I think I’m going to have to put my person outside.

Lizard in a box


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Lizard Blog

Lizard on a rockI see lots of lizards on my trails. They like to hang out in the sun. Most of the time when I come near they run off and hide somewhere.

But I found a lizard that isn’t like that. This lizard actually hung around and posed for my person’s camera.

I think there’s something wrong with that. I mean, lizards are supposed to run. They’re little fraidy cats. My person almost never gets pictures of lizards because they run and hide so fast.

This concerns me. Why did this lizard want to have its picture taken?

Maybe – just maybe, this lizard wants to take over my blog.

Can you imagine that? A lizard blog?

What would a lizard write about?

“Oh, it’s a hot sunny day today. I’m going to hang out on this rock and bake. —Oh, it’s freezing cold now. I’m going to hide under the rock and hibernate.”

How exciting is that? Come on little lizard. Just try to take over my blog. Let’s see how many followers you get.

And just in case you really think you can do it, there’s a cloud over there that’s ready to come down and swallow you up.

Thundercloud behind Coffee Pot Rock

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The Lizards are Back

Lizard on a RailThe lizards are back! Two of them went scurrying along my trails today. I hadn’t seen any since last summer.

I wonder where those lizards go in the winter. Some birds go away in the winter and others fly through here. Maybe the lizards follow the birds. I guess that might be kind of hard though. If there was a mountain they would have to climb all the way up it and then back down the other side. Those birds might get way ahead of them and then the lizards would be lost.

Maybe those lizards are scared of snow creatures so they hide in the winter. We didn’t have many snow creatures come out this winter though, so the lizards wouldn’t have had to hide as long as they did.

Once my person picked up a rock in the winter and found a lizard hiding under it. There weren’t any snow creatures around. It must have lost the birds it was following – or maybe it was hiding from me.

I won’t hurt you little lizard. You can come out and play.

I never seem to be able to catch those lizards anyway.

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