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Lizard Without a Tail

Lizard without a tailLook at this.

This is the strangest lizard.

Or a poor excuse for a lizard.

It has no tail.

Well, it kind of has a stub where its tail should be.

But I think I know why.

We have lots of lizards on my trails but my person hardly ever gets pictures of them.

All we see of them is the tail end as they scurry away.

But this lizard is hanging out for pictures.

Which means, some time ago it must have hung out long enough for somebody to catch it by the tail.

And you know what lizards do when they’re caught by the tail?

They drop their tail.

And the would be lizard eater is left with just a wriggly tail in its mouth while the lizard scurries away.

But this lizard better watch it because now it has no more tail to drop.

At least until that little stub turns into a new tail.


Get along little lizard.

Lizard on the trail running off

It’s about time you left.

Hey, I just realized something.

That lizard took over my whole blog.

Bongo sitting and smiling

Please forget that you ever saw a lizard.

This blog is supposed to be about me.

And see, I even have a tail.


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