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I Am Not Weird

Bongo by a bushI am not weird. What do you mean I’m weird?

What do you mean, I don’t do that? You mean I’m weird if I don’t do what other dogs do?

I bet most of my blogging dog buddies don’t do that either.

What do you mean they don’t do that because they don’t get a chance?

Don’t those things cross everyone’s path – in the summer at least?

They’re constantly flitting around on my trails.

If I chased every one of them that I saw I’d be totally worn out.

And besides you’d be yanking on my leash when you didn’t want to follow me through the bushes.

You think I should have chased those two that ran right under my nose today? Just because other dogs would have done it?

You’d better be glad I am weird then, or I’d be yanking your arm right out of its socket when I took off. They run fast.

Look, there goes one now.

Lizard on a rock

Do you want me to chase it?

I’m not weird. I don’t bother the ones on my trails because I figure that’s where they belong.

But watch out if they come in my yard.

When I find one of those yard lizards…

Lizard on a tree trunk

I’m chasing it up a tree.


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