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Chase Away the Thunder

Will these work?

Will these work?

I am bummed. I had a big celebration on September 1st because I thought it was the end of monsoon season. No more thunder. And it was good for a few days. I was happy I didn’t have to worry about a big monster reaching out of the sky and grabbing me – and squeezing me to little bits.

Then it happened. It came back. Not only thunder, but loud rain pounding down on the roof – so loud that I wanted to curl up into a little ball and hide. But I can’t. There’s nowhere to hide from that stuff. Guess I’ll have another party. This time I’m going to use party horns and noisemakers. Maybe they’ll be loud enough to chase away the thunder.



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Happy September 1st

Happy September 1stToday is September 1st. I’m really excited. I know it probably doesn’t mean much to you. It’s not a special holiday or anything. It’s not even a dog holiday. But for me it’s the best day of the year. You want to know why? For two months now I’ve been putting up with something I don’t like at all. Something I’m very afraid of. It’s called thunder. July and August are called monsoon season here. That’s when most of our thunderstorms come. But now it’s not July anymore and it’s not August. It’s September and that means no more thunderstorms. Yay!

What’s that? Did I just hear thunder rumbling in the distance? Noooo, nooooo! It can’t possibly be. It must be something else. It’s September 1st.


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