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What’s That Sound?

Native American ChanterToday we were out walking on the trails minding our own business when we heard a sound like a rattle and someone started chanting “Hey Yah – Hey Yah,” – whatever that means. I’ve never heard my people make any sounds like that.

Well we looked around for where the sound was coming from. My person thought it might be from the top of Sugarloaf where the tiny flute player had been awhile back, but she couldn’t see anyone up there. Then we saw him. On the side of Sugarloaf, partway up. All dressed out in Native American clothing and holding a rattle and a drum. I didn’t know what to make of all his chanting.

My person wanted to get closer to take a picture, but she really needed a telephoto lens – or to climb up the mountain with that guy. She didn’t want to do that. I think she was afraid he’d make her join in the chanting. I would have joined, but I’m not sure that guy would like it.


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