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“S” Stands for…

An S shape in rockCheck this out.

There’s an S on my trails.

That must be for me.

I know my name starts with a B.

Oh, wait.

If that S is there then that means somebody knows my secret identity.

My trails must know it for sure.

I didn’t think my trails knew that about me.

I guess there’s no keeping it quiet anymore.

I’m mild mannered Bongo by day…


Super Dog

Super Dog by night!

It’s Super Dog to the rescue!


Oh oh.

I think I messed up.

I was tricked into giving away my secret.

That S wasn’t for me at all.

Because look at this.

A century plant just starting out

It’s the new beginnings of the first Sentury plant this year.

That S must be there to announce the birth of this plant.


It is too there for this plant.

What do you mean, it’s a See?

See starts with S.

So what’s the deal?

It’s a Century Plant with a C?

Then somebody’s all confused.

Because they wrote the wrong letter in that rock.


Maybe Super Dog should go C about this.

There might be a Kat involved.


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What Happened to the Sky?

Bongo on the trail on a cloudy dayI know this isn’t so strange for most of my blogging buddies this time of year, but for me it is.

What happened to the sky?

I’ve been looking at blue sky almost every day, but today it’s gone.

Where’d all that gray come from?

And it’s soggy too. It’s a good thing I’m a water dog.

I’ll take water in any way, shape, or form – soggy or not.

But I don’t know what to do with my person.

She’ll look for any excuses to get her camera out and she found some today.


Bongo eating weeds near agave and manzanita plants

Go ahead person. Keep taking pictures here.

I found some good weeds to munch on.

Agave plant surrounded by a manzanita bush

I finished those weeds and had to drag my person on.

That worked until she found a lost little mushroom that had popped up out of the soil.

Small dimpled mushroom

It looks like that poor mushroom got dimples from shivering so much. All the other mushrooms hung out when it was warmer.

I finally convinced my person that that mushroom was fine all by itself, but when I stopped in one of my favorite sniffing spots she found something else.

Fungus on a branch

I’m not sure I want to hang around these things for very long.

Fungus that looks like it has nasty teeth

Some of them have some pretty mean looking teeth.

Let’s get outta here!


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Blocked Trail

Bongo and a downed century plantWhat is going on here?

Somebody is trying to put a roadblock across my trails.

I hope they understand that these are my trails and nobody is allowed to block them up.

What is this thing, anyway?




Century plant laying across the trail

Oh, now I see.

What we have here is a mischievous century plant.

A century plant that decided to lay down on the job.

Well, century plant – I don’t care if you do want to drop your seed pods all in one spot.

And I don’t care if you’re tired of standing and want to lie down.

Don’t do it across my trails!

There’s plenty of room if you just lie down heading the other way – and you won’t be blocking anybody’s path.

Bongo's path blocked by the downed century plant

This century plant is so stubborn. It’s not listening to me at all.

What am I going to do?

Bongo's leash wrapped around the century plant as he goes under it

I guess going under this thing will work as well as anything.


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They Came out of Hiding

Bongo on a Slippery SlopeMy younger person came with us on my trails today. My person wanted to show him the elusive century plant.

I’m not sure how she’s going to do that. I haven’t found that century plant anywhere. I’m starting to wonder if it even exists. Maybe my person is making it up. She does make things up sometimes.

I think she just told my younger person there was a century plant on my trails so he would come out with us. Usually he doesn’t want to come.

I guess by the time he figures out that there isn’t a century plant on my trails it’ll be too late. He’ll already have had his walk.

Come on younger person, let’s go. There’s sure to be a century plant out there somewhere.

Hey, wait a minute. This wasn’t here yesterday.

Century Plant and Red Rocks

This wasn’t here either.

Century Plant in front of Coffee Pot Rock

Century Plant Close Up

You mean there’s more?

Yellow Century Plant

Close up of Yellow Century Plant

Century Plant in Pine Trees

Century Plant in front of a Pine Tree

Century Plant Among the Pine Trees

Close up of Red Century Plant

Close up of Red and Yellow Century Plant

Century Plant in front of Coffee Pot Rock

I’d better take my younger person with me on all my walks. Somehow he got that elusive century plant to come out of hiding.


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The Elusive Century Plant

Bongo on the TrailI headed out today to look for that elusive century plant. This is the third day I’ve tried and so far I haven’t had any luck. I sure hope I find it.

First, some little dog planted herself in the middle of my trail and started barking at me when I tried to get by. I managed to squeeze by, but it wasn’t easy.

Then a bigger dog, about my size, wanted to be friends. Don’t you get it dogs? I’m on a mission. I had to shove that dog aside.

Finally, I’m on my way to find that elusive century plant.

Bongo's nose in agave plant

My person said those century plants grow out of agaves. Maybe there’s a century plant in this one.

Nope, I don’t see one here.

Bongo's nose in a century plant

I don’t see one in this agave either. What does a century plant smell like anyway?

Bongo standing next to a century plant

None over here. Let’s keep looking person.

Bongo in front of a century plant

I don’t see any here either.

Bongo in front of a century plant

I give up, person. We’re not finding that century plant anywhere. It really is elusive. I guess we’ll have to come out and try again tomorrow.


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