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Looking for the Teacup

Teacup Trail SignThere’s a new sign on one of my trails. There was a sign there before, but now  a new and improved sign has appeared.

I think somebody must have seen the sign I put up in my puddle a couple days ago and got jealous. That’s the only thing I can figure.

I wasn’t trying to compete with anyone. I don’t plan to start any sign wars by putting a better sign up in my puddle. But I do have to admit, this new trail sign is rather nice.

I’m kind of befuddled though. I’ve been walking on my trails a long time and I’m still looking for the teacup.

I know where the coffee pot is.

Bongo on Sugarloaf

Coffee Pot Rock - Sedona, AZ

Coffee Pot Rock – Sedona, AZ

But I haven’t been able to find the teacup.

Maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places. Maybe that teacup isn’t big and red like the coffee pot.

What if this is the way to the tea party and I have to bring my own tea cup?

What if that butterfly I chased out of my puddle with my sign was the first guest at the tea party? And I ruined the party.

That’s terrible. I’m going to be known on my trails as a party pooper.

That does it! I’m heading out there right now and taking my sign down.



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They Came out of Hiding

Bongo on a Slippery SlopeMy younger person came with us on my trails today. My person wanted to show him the elusive century plant.

I’m not sure how she’s going to do that. I haven’t found that century plant anywhere. I’m starting to wonder if it even exists. Maybe my person is making it up. She does make things up sometimes.

I think she just told my younger person there was a century plant on my trails so he would come out with us. Usually he doesn’t want to come.

I guess by the time he figures out that there isn’t a century plant on my trails it’ll be too late. He’ll already have had his walk.

Come on younger person, let’s go. There’s sure to be a century plant out there somewhere.

Hey, wait a minute. This wasn’t here yesterday.

Century Plant and Red Rocks

This wasn’t here either.

Century Plant in front of Coffee Pot Rock

Century Plant Close Up

You mean there’s more?

Yellow Century Plant

Close up of Yellow Century Plant

Century Plant in Pine Trees

Century Plant in front of a Pine Tree

Century Plant Among the Pine Trees

Close up of Red Century Plant

Close up of Red and Yellow Century Plant

Century Plant in front of Coffee Pot Rock

I’d better take my younger person with me on all my walks. Somehow he got that elusive century plant to come out of hiding.


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How Plain is Your Air?

Painting of Coffee Pot RockMy person might not have any paintings of dogs, but at least this one is a view from my trails. I was kind of mad at my person when she painted it though.

You know what she did? She put all her paints and brushes and stuff in a back pack and headed out to the trails without me. She made some excuse that her art teacher said she had to do a plein air painting.

Come on, person. I don’t care if the air is plain or not. I still want to go with you. You can paint while I’m with you. If I get bored I’ll just chase squirrels or coyotes or something.

Well, nothing I said would convince her to take me with her. She finally came back a couple hours later with this painting.

At least she took me out on my trails after that, but we didn’t stay out as long as she stayed out there by herself. I think she should buy me my own paints. Then we could go out and paint in the plain air together. I wouldn’t even mind painting with rain in the air.


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