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She Needs One

Bongo in front of a car with a sign that says I Love My PetCheck this out.

No, not me.

It’s what’s behind me.

No, not the car!

It’s what’s on the car.

It’s something my person needs to get.

As a matter of fact, everyone who has a pet should have one.

But I don’t think my person cares.

Because if she cared enough she’d get one of those things.

Just to prove how much she loves me.

The sign says pet, not pets – so I know if my person gets one of these it’ll be about me.

Cats don’t count.

Besides, the cats are my pets – I’m just not allowed to get rid of them.

Oh, wait.


I guess maybe you can’t read that sign on the car.

Sign on a vehicle that says I Love My Pet

Is that better?

Now to figure out how to convince my person she needs one.

A sign I mean. She already has a pet.


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Sign Down

Bongo next to a downed trail signThis is terrible! I think Detective Dog is going to be overworked. I just finished investigating that strange stuff on my puddles and now this!

I was on my way home from my trails when I spotted it. My trail sign is down on the ground.

How could this have happened? My dog friends won’t know how to find my trails anymore.


I guess I’d better check for clues.

Bongo sniffing the downed trail sign

Hmmm. Not much here.

Oh wait! More evidence. Check this out.

Bongo and a hole in the ground

A hole! I bet that’s what the sign came out of.

I’d better check out that hole.

Bongo sniffing the hole in the ground

Nope. No sign of any gophers or anything that might have pushed that sign out of the way. I don’t even smell a bunny rabbit.

This is going to require further investigation. I’d better go home and get my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

Oops. I’d better adjust this hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There, that’s better.

What did you say, person?

No, I didn’t. I did not knock that sign over so I could wear my Detective Dog hat. What do you think I am? Full of mischief or something?

Never you mind. I’m going back out there by myself.

Everybody stand clear. Detective Dog is here!

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Looking for the Teacup

Teacup Trail SignThere’s a new sign on one of my trails. There was a sign there before, but now  a new and improved sign has appeared.

I think somebody must have seen the sign I put up in my puddle a couple days ago and got jealous. That’s the only thing I can figure.

I wasn’t trying to compete with anyone. I don’t plan to start any sign wars by putting a better sign up in my puddle. But I do have to admit, this new trail sign is rather nice.

I’m kind of befuddled though. I’ve been walking on my trails a long time and I’m still looking for the teacup.

I know where the coffee pot is.

Bongo on Sugarloaf

Coffee Pot Rock - Sedona, AZ

Coffee Pot Rock – Sedona, AZ

But I haven’t been able to find the teacup.

Maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places. Maybe that teacup isn’t big and red like the coffee pot.

What if this is the way to the tea party and I have to bring my own tea cup?

What if that butterfly I chased out of my puddle with my sign was the first guest at the tea party? And I ruined the party.

That’s terrible. I’m going to be known on my trails as a party pooper.

That does it! I’m heading out there right now and taking my sign down.



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