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The Slide

Bongo at the top of a natural slideMy trails have a well kept secret.

I’m really glad not too many people – or dogs – know about this, because my trails might get so crowded there wouldn’t be any room to move.

So here’s the secret. My trails are like a theme park – with rides and everything.

Well, at least one ride anyway.

You see, there’s a slide on my trails.

It slides right down into the wash.

When my younger person was a kind of little person he used to slide down this slide a lot with his friends. That was before I was around.

This is only the second time I’ve gotten to slide down it. The last time we were with my little friend who visits sometimes.

I don’t know why my person doesn’t take me down this slide every time. It’s right on the way home – if we go this way, that is.

So now that I’ve told you all about my slide, I guess I’d better go down it.

Bongo starting down the natural slideBongo heading down the gully of a steep hill

Your turn next.

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Brightly Colored Bags

Bongo and a green bagStrange things showed up on my trails today.

As I headed out I saw something green in the distance.

Normally I would think nothing of seeing green. There are all kinds of shades of green on my trails. But this was a new shade of green.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. At least not on my trails.

When I got close I found that somebody had left a little bag. I thought maybe they’d left me a present.

But my person said it wasn’t for me and I had to leave it there.

Okay person, you’d better give me some treats when we get home if I leave this.

I left it. I’m still waiting for the treats.

We headed on down the trail.

We hadn’t gone far when I saw something blue peeking out of the bushes.

Something blue behind a bush

The only blue I ever see on my trails is in the sky so this was really strange.

When we got closer I saw that it was another bag.

Blue bag behind a bush

A blue bag behind a bush.

It reminded me of the time I found a blue Easter egg on my trails.

Person, this is like a treasure hunt. I know someone is leaving those bags for me to keep.

I wonder what’s inside.

I guess my person knew more than she’d been letting on because she decided to tell me what’s inside.

She asked me if I remembered those black bags that we get at the Pet Waste Station at the beginning of the trail.

Bongo sniffing near a little black bag

You mean these bags?

Then I figured it out.

But those dark bags contain dark poop.

I’ve never seen a dog with blue poop, or green poop.

I might have to put on my Detective Dog hat and investigate this.


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Third Week of People Mischief

Bongo sitting in front of a futonThis is the third week in a row that my people have pulled mischief on me.

I am so miserable. It can be really awful having mischief making people.

They both left the house on foot – and they didn’t take me.

Do you believe it? On foot, and they didn’t take me.

My person said I’d been on two walks the day before, so it wouldn’t hurt me to miss my walk.

So now what I want to know is who told her? My walks with my neighbor dog Toby when she leaves me all day are supposed to be a secret.

I pointed out that it is National Walk Your Dog Week and my person said I could have walks the rest of the week.

She said they were going into coyote territory and they didn’t want me trying to give any of those coyotes what for.

Well, they didn’t see or hear a coyote, but they did get attacked.

By cactus pricklers ,thorny bushes, and loose rocks. My person came home full of scratches.

They should have taken me. I would have protected them.

But it’s all about that camera still. At least my person showed me where they went.

Coffee Pot Rock and an ocotillo

Mogollon Rim

Tree near a cave entrance

View of Sedona from Keyhole Cave entrance

Next week there’s going to be some new mischief.

That camera will be missing when I’m through.

But I won’t get into trouble for anything because Scratchy pulls all the mischief around here.

Now if I could only convince my people…

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Friendly Romp – Blocked

Bongo stretching after something in the distanceI don’t think my person trusts me. Today we were on the trails and some people and two dogs came toward us.

They stepped off the trail so we could pass. Usually my person makes me step off the trail, but this time they did it first.

Pretty cool because now we can walk right by those dogs and I can go over and say hi.

Well you know what my person did?

She grabbed my collar as we were walking by so when I tried to go see those dogs I ended up walking on my two hind legs.

I know people walk this way all the time but for a dog it’s undignified. I really don’t know what my person’s problem is – embarrassing me like that.

I’m nice to other dogs – – – sometimes.

We walked on and my person did it to me again.

We’d been hearing coyotes howling for awhile and we started getting closer. I thought those coyotes might be fun dogs to play with so I started pulling my person along toward them.

You know what she did this time?

She shortened my leash so I couldn’t catch her off guard and pull it out of her hand. Then she said something about those coyotes and about me being a dead dog.

Dead dog my foot. If you won’t let me have any fun person, I’m taking you back to the house.

Bongo heading up a cliff


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Homework at the Dog Park

Bongo carrying a Frisbee in his mouthI take everything back that I said about my person’s new camera. At least for now.

And here’s why.

My person’s photography class assignment for this week is “Motion.”

And who could come up with something more filled with motion than me?

So I got to go to the dog park today, where there’s lots of room to move.

And my person brought Frisbees and balls along – and her camera.

When we first got to the dog park there was one other dog hanging out. And it turned out to be my good buddy Pablo. I think my person planned that because she didn’t seem surprised.

But then my girlfriend Layla arrived. A regular dog party!

After I got done sniffing around I had to get to work. And it was the most fun work I’ve done in a long time. I guess it will work better if I just show you.

Bongo jumping

Bongo in the air with a ball in his mouth - Pablo on the ground

Bongo in the air with Pablo watching

Bongo on his way with a ball in his mouth

Bongo running

Bongo looking back

Bongo in the air

And they even gave me a place to wash off afterwards.

Bongo with his front feet in a bucket


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Off Without Me

planes flying overYesterday I warned you that it would take me two posts to report all the mischief my people were up to this weekend.

So here’s the second post. Notice that it doesn’t start with a picture of me.

First my people went up to the airport and didn’t take me. And I understand dogs are allowed at the airport.

My person took that camera though.

And then, to make it worse they came back home and they left again.

And they still didn’t take me.

When my person got her new hiking boots I was thinking I could drag walk with her up some steep rocky areas.

Well, my younger person stole my idea.

He took my person up some steep, rocky areas.

Looking out at Fay Canyon

My person and that camera.

Not only did they go up one steep, rocky area.

When they climbed down that they went further down the trail and found another place to climb.

Courthouse Rock and Bell Rock from Fay Canyon

This is totally not fair.

I mean, this was my idea to help my person test out her new hiking boots.

I might have to hide in the trunk next time to make sure I get to come along.

Bongo in the trunk of a car

Oh, wait.

You did what, person?

You didn’t just climb rocks – you took pictures of flowers too?

Red flower

Never mind then. If you’re going to stop for flowers I think I’ll just stay home.


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Lost People

Lost people on the trailI think it’s pretty hard to get lost on my trails – even when I go outside of my usual rounds, but of course it’s pretty easy to follow the smells.

My person thinks the trails are hard to get lost on too, but she uses a different method to find her way.

She’s taller than me so she can see further. She says there are lots of landmarks to find your way by.

It’s also hard to go very far without running into either houses or something that falls between a very large rock and a very small mountain.

I can’t read them so I have to trust my person when she says those tall poles sticking out of the ground hold signs that point out the trails.

In some places there are even cairns to mark the trails. At least my person says they mark the trails.

I thought they were put there so dogs could leave messages for each other. At least that’s what we use them for.

Even with all these ways to navigate (Person, navigate is too big a word for me.) the trails, my trails can be really tricky for new people. There are little loops that go off and come back to the main trail. Maybe they were put there on purpose so people would go in circles and not be able to find their car again. Then the trail loop car collectors could take their pick of the cars that were left.

Those car collectors probably don’t like my person much though. When she’s asked, she tells those lost people how to get out of the loop.

Bongo in front of a bush

I think my person’s pretty cool though. Today I got loves from some people she was helping.

Those people were really lost. They were trying to find a place called Wisconsin.


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Walking’s not an Option

Bongo looking at the viewLately I’ve been wanting to go on a different trail – it’s a little longer than the way we usually go on my trails.

But my person always says she’s too busy, or it’s too hot, or she comes up with any number of excuses.

Today it was cloudy and cooler, and my person didn’t have bunches of stuff to do, so we got to go on that trail.

We were having a great time – until I heard it.


Over there – and that way too!

We were surrounded!

Person, why did you want to go on this trail? We could have been almost home by now.

There was only one direction to go – and my person wouldn’t let me go that way.

Okay, fine. Then we’re not going at all.

Bongo holding his ground

Bongo refusing to move

It became a game of tug of war.

Until my collar came off.

Then my person did something really strange.

She walked to the end of my her leash, sat on the ground, and started taking pictures of me.

Bongo reluctantly walking

I like the sound her camera makes. Eventually I walked to where she sat.

Bongo Profile

Then she moved back to the end of her leash, and made me walk to her again.

Bongo looking at red rocks

Bongo walking toward the camera

Then she did it all over again.

Bongo with a century plant in the foreground and red rocks in the background

Bongo walking, Thunder Mountain behind him

My person thinks I’m afraid of this thunder, but I’ve been thinking. Sometimes I complain too much when she stops all the time to take pictures. I think I’ll be nice to her today and let her take all the pictures she wants.

Coffee Pot Rock

Thunder Mountain

Century Plant and Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim

Sedona red rocks behind trees

Sedona red rocks behind trees

And just to prove I was doing it to be nice to her, when we got past the part with all the best scenery, I started walking with her again.


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Ocotillo All Over

Bongo and OcotilloLast year my person and I took an extra long walk on trails that we hardly ever go on, because my person said that was the only place on my trails where the ocotillo grow.

Well, she lied.

Because we went on a trail that we sometimes go on – but the last time we went on it there was a sign on the part that goes back to our house saying it was closed. The sign said they wanted more cactus to grow on it – or something like that.

And besides that there were two people cuddling with each other this time.

I would have gone right up to those people and got some loves too, but my person said we could take the long way back.

The long way goes parallel (I don’t know what that word is – my person made me use it) to my regular trail, but it’s higher up the hill. My person says she hasn’t been on it in a very long time and I’m not sure if I’ve been on it at all. At least it doesn’t smell familiar.

So we were walking along on this long way trail and there they were.

Bunches of ocotillo just hanging out on the side of the hill.

Two ocotillo on the side of a hill

They were even blooming with their little red flowers on top.

Close up of an ocotillo plant

I’m still not sure why my person cares about these things though. I mean, look how tall and skinny they are.

Ocotillo in front of Sugarloaf

If I was that skinny my person would probably take me to the vet for treats and loves.

Ocotillo at the edge of Sugarloaf

I sure hope my person doesn’t try to take some of my treats and bring them up here to these ocotillo plants to fatten them up.

Ocotillo with trees in the background

I think I’d better head back home now so I can keep a close eye on my treats.

Oh no, I forgot.

Cactus Garden

There’s a tame ocotillo across the street at my neighbor dog Toby’s house.

Toby, quick! Hide your treats!


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Campfire Criminal

Bongo sniffing the remains of a camp fireSomething smells terribly awry on my trails.

Wait, maybe I used the wrong word. I don’t smell any rye bread anywhere.

Something smells fishy?

Did I say fishy? Where’s the fish? Where? Where?

Oh, no fish. I don’t even smell any. Guess I’d better find another word.

Let’s see- it smells like the charcoal remains of a former fire. Like a barbecue without the meat.

No meat! There’s got to be some criminal offense here.

I’d better get my Detective Dog hat on.

Detective Dog

What happened here?

Someone had a fire on my trails and didn’t invite me.

And I bet they had treats and goodies and stuff like hot dogs and s‘ mores.

And they didn’t invite me.

Wait a minute!

No wonder they didn’t invite me.

They’re not even supposed to have a fire on my trails – and even if they could, fire restrictions are in effect. No fires anywhere.

It’s really dry out here. My puddle hasn’t even shown itself in a long time.

I bet those people know that as Detective Dog – a law abiding citizen dog (well almost) – I would be required to turn them in if I discovered who they are.

And I certainly wouldn’t want my trails to burn up.

So I’m investigating this one for sure.

Bongo investigating the old fire

And as soon as I discover who they are they’d better watch out.

I’m going to gather up all my dog buddies and after we water down their fire, we’re going to water down those culprits too.

See if they ever try starting a fire on my trails again.

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