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Ocotillo All Over

Bongo and OcotilloLast year my person and I took an extra long walk on trails that we hardly ever go on, because my person said that was the only place on my trails where the ocotillo grow.

Well, she lied.

Because we went on a trail that we sometimes go on – but the last time we went on it there was a sign on the part that goes back to our house saying it was closed. The sign said they wanted more cactus to grow on it – or something like that.

And besides that there were two people cuddling with each other this time.

I would have gone right up to those people and got some loves too, but my person said we could take the long way back.

The long way goes parallel (I don’t know what that word is – my person made me use it) to my regular trail, but it’s higher up the hill. My person says she hasn’t been on it in a very long time and I’m not sure if I’ve been on it at all. At least it doesn’t smell familiar.

So we were walking along on this long way trail and there they were.

Bunches of ocotillo just hanging out on the side of the hill.

Two ocotillo on the side of a hill

They were even blooming with their little red flowers on top.

Close up of an ocotillo plant

I’m still not sure why my person cares about these things though. I mean, look how tall and skinny they are.

Ocotillo in front of Sugarloaf

If I was that skinny my person would probably take me to the vet for treats and loves.

Ocotillo at the edge of Sugarloaf

I sure hope my person doesn’t try to take some of my treats and bring them up here to these ocotillo plants to fatten them up.

Ocotillo with trees in the background

I think I’d better head back home now so I can keep a close eye on my treats.

Oh no, I forgot.

Cactus Garden

There’s a tame ocotillo across the street at my neighbor dog Toby’s house.

Toby, quick! Hide your treats!


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Ocotillo Forest

Agave and OcotilloI thought my person was taking me to look for the elusive century plant again today, but she had other ideas in mind. We went on a part of my trails that I’ve never been on before. We hiked up a ways and climbed over some rocks until she told me we were there.

I’m not sure where there was, and I’m not sure what we were supposed to be looking at – but whatever they are, they sure are strange looking.





Ocotillo and Mogollon Rim

Flowering Ocotillo

My person said these tall, skinny things are called ocotillo and this is the only place on my trails that she’s found them. She said the first “o” is short, the last two are long and the double l is pronounced like a “y”. I just pronounce it “woof.”

Okay, we’ve seen those funny things. I’m ready to go on now.

Bongo and Ocotillo

What? There’s more of them? And you’re going to make me stay here while you take pictures? They look pretty dead, except for the ones with little red flowers on top.

Blooming Ocotillo

Ocotillo Blooms

Ocotillo Flowers

They what? They drop their leaves when it’s dry to save moisture and grow them again after it rains? Maybe we should share some of our water with them. That might make them grow some leaves.

Not all the water. I want some too.

Okay person, would you stop taking pictures? If we head back now we still might be able to find that elusive century plant.

Ocotillo and Century Plant


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