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West Fork

Bongo with his nose out the car windowOver the weekend I got in the car with my people and we started going somewhere I’ve never been before. My people said it was a place called Oak Creek Canyon. All I know is that the smells there were a lot different than the smells on my trails.

I sure hope this isn’t a new route to the dog hotel.

The car stopped and when I got out I didn’t see a dog hotel anywhere in sight.

Whew! I can relax now.

We walked a little ways and then I found it. It’s a trail sign and it says West Fork.

Bongo and a trail sign

This is where I told my people to go. My friend Lola and her person Shary said it’s the best trail ever, and my people have never taken me here before. That’s okay, because now I can take them here.

Hey, check this out! It’s a bridge – and there’s water down there.

Bongo and his younger person walking across a bridge

Now I’ve got to figure out how to get to that water.

Bongo and his younger person walking on a trail

This trail is nice, but I’ve seen lots of little trails that lead to the water. How come we’re not taking one of them?

Bongo in a narrow stream of water

Finally! The water!

Hey, this is like a Slip N Slide.

Bongo going downstream

Here I go!

Bongo in the water

You want to do what?

I just got here and I’m not coming out.


My people finally convinced me that there were more trails and more water to swim in and they were right.

Red cliff among trees

Distant cliff

Red cliff hiding behind trees

Creek, red cliff, and trees

My person even found flowers to take pictures of.

White Flower

I think my person is a flower magnet.


Finally! I got to go swimming again.

Bongo all wet

I’m just getting out for a minute.

Bongo looking away from the creek

You want to go where?

I don’t think so. I’m not done swimming yet.


I was forced to leave the water and head back to the car, but I’ve got a plan.

Bongo with his leash tangled around the sign post

See if my people can get me to leave this place now.


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Road Trip

Where are we Going?My younger person is home from school this week and today he and my person told me to get in the car with them. I like jumping in the car but I always get a little nervous about where I might be jumping back out.

We headed down the street and we made a turn. Well, this isn’t the way to the vet. I like the vet. They give me loves and treats there.

And then I got really worried. This is the way to the dog hotel! I don’t like going to the dog hotel. Maybe we should turn around and go back home.

But we kept going. Hey, wait a minute! We don’t ride this far in the car when we go to the dog hotel. Where are we going?

We rode and rode, and finally my person stopped the car. And there was no vet and there was no dog hotel. We were in a big parking lot.

And then we crossed the street.

Fay Canyon Trail Sign

A brand new trail! I hope my people brought lots of water because there are an awful lot of bushes that I need to leave messages on.

After my people assured me we had lots of water with us we headed up the trail.

Bongo and his younger person walking on the trail

We walked for a ways through lots of trees and then we climbed some rocks – and look what I saw!

Bongo looking at Fay Canyon from above

Fay Canyon

Cathedral and Bell Rock from Fay Canyon

My younger person went exploring some more, so I thought I might too.

Bongo looking up the trail

But before I could get very far my younger person came back.

Bongo and his younger person looking at the view

I could sit here forever.

What? It’s time to go back.

Bongo and his younger person heading down the trail

I sure hope there’s some treats at the end of this trip.

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Trail Trip Without Me

Saguaro cactusDo you know what my people did? You won’t believe it. I can’t believe it because what they did is really terrible.

While I was stuck at the dog hotel you know what they did? They went out looking for new trails.

Without me.

How could they do that?

I mean, I love trails. And I love adventure. And how can you find more adventure than on a new trail?

And they didn’t take me.

And look at all the things they found.


Saguaro cactus dwarfing Bongo's younger person

I’ve never seen cactus like this on my trails. It’s towering over my younger person. Look how small he looks. It makes me feel bigger just to look at that picture.

I can be Big Dog now. My younger person doesn’t look so big after all.

Hey wait a minute. Now wait just a minute.

Saguaro Lake

You found a lake on that new trail and you didn’t take me swimming?

This is totally not fair at all. I’m going on strike.

No walks for my people until they take me to that lake.

What, person? There is what on that new trail you found?

Jumping Cholla cactus

Attack cactus?

If you get too close that cactus jumps off and sticks to you?

That sounds like a secret weapon to me. If some bad guy comes I could convince him I want to take his picture next to that cactus. And then whap, whap! That cactus jumps off and attacks him. And I’ve got it all on film.

I sure wouldn’t want to kiss him after that.

What do you mean, that’s not very nice. I’d only do it to a bad guy.

You think I would get tangled up in that cactus?

I would never go near that attack cactus. I’m the perfectly behaved dog. I always do what you say.

Fine then. I wouldn’t want to go on that new trail anyway. Giant cactus and attack cactus and a lake that’s so far down the hill that I’d have to take a flying leap into it.

I’m all worn out from the dog hotel anyway. I had fun that you don’t know anything about.

Don’t even think about trying to take me on that new trail. I’ll be busy. Taking a nap.

Saguaro Lake

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Sign Down

Bongo next to a downed trail signThis is terrible! I think Detective Dog is going to be overworked. I just finished investigating that strange stuff on my puddles and now this!

I was on my way home from my trails when I spotted it. My trail sign is down on the ground.

How could this have happened? My dog friends won’t know how to find my trails anymore.


I guess I’d better check for clues.

Bongo sniffing the downed trail sign

Hmmm. Not much here.

Oh wait! More evidence. Check this out.

Bongo and a hole in the ground

A hole! I bet that’s what the sign came out of.

I’d better check out that hole.

Bongo sniffing the hole in the ground

Nope. No sign of any gophers or anything that might have pushed that sign out of the way. I don’t even smell a bunny rabbit.

This is going to require further investigation. I’d better go home and get my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

Oops. I’d better adjust this hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There, that’s better.

What did you say, person?

No, I didn’t. I did not knock that sign over so I could wear my Detective Dog hat. What do you think I am? Full of mischief or something?

Never you mind. I’m going back out there by myself.

Everybody stand clear. Detective Dog is here!

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The Investigation Continues

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onYesterday I, Detective Dog, was in the middle of an investigation when that strange stuff covering one of my puddles tried to steal my foot.

That stuff stole my main puddle and was working on my other puddle. I was looking for clues as to what it was and how I could get it to stop stealing puddles. I must have been getting close or it wouldn’t have tried to stop me.

Today was a much warmer day A good day to go out and continue my investigation. I took my person with me in case I needed someone to take notes. Yesterday there was some water left in one of the puddles that I could use to make marks on the rocks with – but who knows what I’ll find today.

After much trekking through my trails we finally arrived at the place where my puddles hang out.

My main puddle was missing – totally missing! And so was that strange white stuff. It had taken my puddle and run.

So I was a little scared to check out what happened to that other puddle. The one that had tried to steal my foot the day before.

But I did.

Puddle Missing Ice

And I discovered something really cool.

This puddle had won! It had managed to chase off that strange white stuff that had tried to steal it away.

I found a couple little pieces of the stuff, but it won’t have a chance against the puddle now.

And I can use it to further my investigation and maybe find out what happened to my other puddle.

Detective Dog does it again!

That stuff doesn’t have a chance.


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Who Stole My Puddle?

Bongo investigation iceI was walking along on my trails and getting really excited because I had almost come up to my puddle – and I love to play in my puddle.

But something had happened. What’s this stuff that’s covering up my puddle? Strange looking white stuff.

It’s cold. And it breaks into little pieces when I step on it.




Bongo stepping on ice

Somebody stole my puddle and put this breakable stuff here in its place.

I think it’s time to put on my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

Maybe I’d better investigate the other puddle. That might give me some clues.

Bongo on the ice in a puddle

Oh, no. Look at this! There’s strange stuff here too. But it doesn’t look the same as that other stuff.

I’d better take some notes.

What am I talking about? I can’t write. Where’s my secretary?

Hey, check this out.

Bongo breaking through the ice in a puddle

There’s water under here. I can make notes with this water.

Bongo dripping water as he steps out of ice puddle

Wait a minute. This is not good.

I went back to get some more note taking material and this stuff on the puddle…

Bongo's foot stuck in the puddle

stole my foot!

I need to end this post before I really get into trouble.

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting adventure!

Detective Dog Finds His Foot!


Hey person, I’m really stuck here. Can you help me out?


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Walk Challenge

Bongo following behind his younger personOver the weekend I took both my person and my younger person for a walk at the same time. That was really a challenge because I only had one leash and I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep both of them in line.

My younger person has been hanging out at his computer for most of his break from school, and I figured since he wasn’t used to our walks he’d probably stick close. So I let him go off leash.

Yeah, I know there’s a rule that all people are supposed to be walked on a leash, but sometimes a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do.

We headed out and the first thing I had to do was convince my younger person that we were not going on a little five minute walk. This walking stuff is serious business and he’d better get used to it.

Then, a little while later he wanted to stick to the trails instead of scrambling over the rocks like I’m used to doing. I don’t think he understood that you have to go over the rocks to get to my puddle. That route is non-negotiable.

When I started to head into the wash I was really afraid my younger person was going to run off.

Younger person looking back at Bongo

Don’t You Run Off!


I had to follow him and go the other way because I thought I’d lose him.

Younger Person, you’ve got to understand – I’m supposed to be taking you for a walk – not the other way around.

I think I’m going to have to teach my younger person to heel before we go out for another long walk.


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A Pile of Rocks

Rocks piled on top of each otherThis strange thing showed up in the wash on my trails today. A pile of rocks. It looks like a trail marker but it can’t be. The wash isn’t a trail. It’s just a cool place with lots of good smells that I like to walk in.

And sometimes when it rains the wash turns into a stream. It washes away all the cool smells and brings in new ones. But that’s why this new thing can’t be a trail marker.

Can you imagine a trail marker in the middle of a stream? Maybe if there were stepping stones and it marked the best path, but all there is in that spot are small rocks and sand .

What kind of person would put that trail marker there?


Bongo looking at the rock pile

Maybe they were lost and figured if they ended up going in circles they would know it. You think they’d figure it out by the smells though.

Or maybe they put it there as a target for birds. The birds could fly right over and aim at it. As long as they’re not aiming at my head that’s okay. I guess they shouldn’t aim at my person’s head either.

Oh, wait a minute. I just figured it out. One of my friends left this here.

It’s a new message post. Now I don’t have to sniff all over to see which of my friends has been in the wash lately.

Bongo leaving a message

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Who’s Lassie?

LassieOn my trails today I met a family. They were very nice and they gave me loves. My person and I walked on and then headed back home on a different trail.

We were walking along, minding our own business, when we noticed someone following us. Not many people use the trail we were on so it’s unusual to find somebody following us. Well, the people caught up with us and guess what! It was that family again. The one that had given me loves.

They were lost. They didn’t know how to get back to their car, so they decided they would follow me.

I felt pretty cool about that, but then they started calling me Lassie.

Lassie? Who’s Lassie? Don’t they know my name is Bongo? They should know that. After all, I’m famous.

My person had to explain who Lassie is and she found a picture of Lassie for me. Hey, wait a minute! Lassie looks like my friends the Collies. I don’t look like Lassie at all.

It’s a good thing I helped that family find their way back to their car. They were really confused. If it hadn’t been for me they might still be walking in circles on my trails.

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Swimming Again

Bongo in the 4RunnerThis morning we got into the 4Runner and I wasn’t sure where we were going, but last time we got in it we had lots of fun, so I was excited. We drove for awhile and then we stopped. No long trip on bumpy roads. I guess we weren’t headed for that fun place we went to last time. We got out of the 4Runner and guess who I found there. My little friend who was at my house the other day. Maybe I can go on the trails with him again. And my little friend’s parents were there too. We were in a parking lot, but that was okay because I was with friends. But then my person walked away. Was she deserting me? Oh man, I was worried. Oh here she comes. No problem person. I knew you were coming back.

We got back in the 4Runner and went for a ways on some bumpy roads. And then we got out again. Hey, I know this place. My swimming hole is down there. Let’s go.

Bongo Wrapped Around a Post

I got so excited I wrapped myself around a post.

First Water on the Trail

There’s a swimming hole here. What do you mean that’s not the one?

Bongo Carrying a Log

I’ve got a stick. Could somebody throw it for me?

People Crossing the Creek

I’m not sure why you’re making such a big deal about crossing the creek.

Bongo Crossing the Creek

See, it’s easy.

Swimming Hole

Yay. We finally made it to my swimming hole.

Bongo Shaking Off

Just a little shake. Anybody else wet?

Bongo and Another Dog

I met a few dogs, but I didn’t really care. I’d gone after my younger person. He was cutting a new stick for me.

Bongo with a Stick in his Mouth

Come on person. Throw the stick for me.

Bongo Going After a Big Log

Everybody started eating lunch and they wouldn’t throw sticks for me anymore. I didn’t care about eating. I only wanted to fetch sticks. I guess I’ll have to get my own stick.

Little Friend, Bongo, and a Stick

My Little Friend couldn’t throw the sticks very far, but at least he tried.

Little Friend and Bongo on the Trail

I’m not ready to head back yet.

Bongo Getting One More Swim

Yippee! They let me go in for one last swim.


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