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Off Without Me

planes flying overYesterday I warned you that it would take me two posts to report all the mischief my people were up to this weekend.

So here’s the second post. Notice that it doesn’t start with a picture of me.

First my people went up to the airport and didn’t take me. And I understand dogs are allowed at the airport.

My person took that camera though.

And then, to make it worse they came back home and they left again.

And they still didn’t take me.

When my person got her new hiking boots I was thinking I could drag walk with her up some steep rocky areas.

Well, my younger person stole my idea.

He took my person up some steep, rocky areas.

Looking out at Fay Canyon

My person and that camera.

Not only did they go up one steep, rocky area.

When they climbed down that they went further down the trail and found another place to climb.

Courthouse Rock and Bell Rock from Fay Canyon

This is totally not fair.

I mean, this was my idea to help my person test out her new hiking boots.

I might have to hide in the trunk next time to make sure I get to come along.

Bongo in the trunk of a car

Oh, wait.

You did what, person?

You didn’t just climb rocks – you took pictures of flowers too?

Red flower

Never mind then. If you’re going to stop for flowers I think I’ll just stay home.


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Road Trip

Where are we Going?My younger person is home from school this week and today he and my person told me to get in the car with them. I like jumping in the car but I always get a little nervous about where I might be jumping back out.

We headed down the street and we made a turn. Well, this isn’t the way to the vet. I like the vet. They give me loves and treats there.

And then I got really worried. This is the way to the dog hotel! I don’t like going to the dog hotel. Maybe we should turn around and go back home.

But we kept going. Hey, wait a minute! We don’t ride this far in the car when we go to the dog hotel. Where are we going?

We rode and rode, and finally my person stopped the car. And there was no vet and there was no dog hotel. We were in a big parking lot.

And then we crossed the street.

Fay Canyon Trail Sign

A brand new trail! I hope my people brought lots of water because there are an awful lot of bushes that I need to leave messages on.

After my people assured me we had lots of water with us we headed up the trail.

Bongo and his younger person walking on the trail

We walked for a ways through lots of trees and then we climbed some rocks – and look what I saw!

Bongo looking at Fay Canyon from above

Fay Canyon

Cathedral and Bell Rock from Fay Canyon

My younger person went exploring some more, so I thought I might too.

Bongo looking up the trail

But before I could get very far my younger person came back.

Bongo and his younger person looking at the view

I could sit here forever.

What? It’s time to go back.

Bongo and his younger person heading down the trail

I sure hope there’s some treats at the end of this trip.

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