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The Swimming Hole

Bongo in a swimming holeI found it! I found it!

No, I didn’t find that. I’m still looking for the dry wash on my trails and it hasn’t shown up anywhere.

But I found a swimming hole. Where the dry wash used to be.

I’ve never found a swimming hole on my trails before.

And now I can do one of my favorite things to do.



Bongo splashing the water

Splashing the water into the air and catching it in my mouth.

Person, they can’t tell what I’m doing in a picture.

Why didn’t you take a video? I’ve always wanted to be in the movies.

But there’s one problem with this swimming hole.

Bongo in a swimming hole that's too small to swim in

I can’t swim in my swimming hole.

It’s not big enough.

I guess it’s not enough to ask for a swimming hole.

I have to say what size I want too.

It’s not my fault.

Swimming holes are for swimming in. Doesn’t that mean they’re supposed to be big enough to swim in?

Okay, next time I ask for a swimming hole I’ll ask for one I can actually swim in.

Bongo looking like he doesn't want to get out of the water

What do you mean, I have to get out now?

This might be a too small swimming hole, but it’s still my swimming hole.

I wanna stay.


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Missed the Swimming Hole

Bongo looking down a dry washDo you see that? Do you see it?

Right where I’m looking.

This is my wash here.

Normally it looks like this with no water in it.

You see where the grass is laying down?

Right there is a little trail that connects to the rest of my trails.

But the grass there is usually standing up tall.

That grass doesn’t normally lay down on the job.

And you know what that means?

It means that water came flowing down my wash and got so deep that it buried all that grass.

My wash turned into a regular swimming hole.

And I missed it.

I missed my chance to go swimming in my own wash.

By the time I got out here there was no water at all.

What, person? What are you trying to tell me?

What? When that water was here it was pouring down rain and thundering?

But that’s terrible!

How dare that rain and thunder be here at the same time as my swimming hole.

I bet that’s what chased my swimming hole away.

I mean, isn’t that kind of like raining on my parade?

Bongo next to a dry wash


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Blue’s not a Blessing

Blue SkyYou see that picture there? You know what that is? It’s the most beautiful blue sky I’ve ever seen. And you know why it’s so beautiful? Because I haven’t seen a sky like this since thunder season started. This sky has no clouds in it. And no clouds means no thunder.

But somehow this cloudless sky worked against me. Because my person saw this blue sky too, and she decided that since there was no thunder she didn’t have to stay home and protect me from it.

And she left.

And she didn’t take me with her.

She went somewhere with a swimming hole. I’ve never gotten to go swimming with the ducks before.

Ducks on the Creek

I’m not sure where my person went, but she was gone so long I think she went all the way to Mexico. I thought maybe if I looked at the pictures in her camera I could figure out where she did go – and now I have proof that she went to Mexico.


When I quizzed my person about the pictures in her camera she said this dog is named Gomez.

And then I found a picture of my buddy Pablo. Pablo was born in Mexico. I haven’t seen him in a long time so he must have gone back there.


My person says she didn’t get anywhere close to Mexico, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Next time person, you’d better hide your camera.


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Swimming Again

Bongo in the 4RunnerThis morning we got into the 4Runner and I wasn’t sure where we were going, but last time we got in it we had lots of fun, so I was excited. We drove for awhile and then we stopped. No long trip on bumpy roads. I guess we weren’t headed for that fun place we went to last time. We got out of the 4Runner and guess who I found there. My little friend who was at my house the other day. Maybe I can go on the trails with him again. And my little friend’s parents were there too. We were in a parking lot, but that was okay because I was with friends. But then my person walked away. Was she deserting me? Oh man, I was worried. Oh here she comes. No problem person. I knew you were coming back.

We got back in the 4Runner and went for a ways on some bumpy roads. And then we got out again. Hey, I know this place. My swimming hole is down there. Let’s go.

Bongo Wrapped Around a Post

I got so excited I wrapped myself around a post.

First Water on the Trail

There’s a swimming hole here. What do you mean that’s not the one?

Bongo Carrying a Log

I’ve got a stick. Could somebody throw it for me?

People Crossing the Creek

I’m not sure why you’re making such a big deal about crossing the creek.

Bongo Crossing the Creek

See, it’s easy.

Swimming Hole

Yay. We finally made it to my swimming hole.

Bongo Shaking Off

Just a little shake. Anybody else wet?

Bongo and Another Dog

I met a few dogs, but I didn’t really care. I’d gone after my younger person. He was cutting a new stick for me.

Bongo with a Stick in his Mouth

Come on person. Throw the stick for me.

Bongo Going After a Big Log

Everybody started eating lunch and they wouldn’t throw sticks for me anymore. I didn’t care about eating. I only wanted to fetch sticks. I guess I’ll have to get my own stick.

Little Friend, Bongo, and a Stick

My Little Friend couldn’t throw the sticks very far, but at least he tried.

Little Friend and Bongo on the Trail

I’m not ready to head back yet.

Bongo Getting One More Swim

Yippee! They let me go in for one last swim.


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