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Turkey Trail

Bongo on the trail with red rocks and blue sky in the backgroundI don’t mean to make all my friends jealous who live in different places with lousy weather but – yes I do. I’m going to make you jealous.

Because we had the most perfect Thanksgiving Day ever.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature was pleasant.

The parking lot at my trails was so full that cars spilled out onto the street – even as far as my house.

Every two minutes it seemed, my person was pulling me aside so people could pass.

I did get to get loves from one little boy.

His face was at the perfect height for kissing.


But something was missing from my trails.

After all, it was Thanksgiving so I figured there should be some turkeys running around somewhere.

Bongo sniffing and not noticing the turkey

So I started sniffing around to see if I could catch a turkey scent.

I’ve never seen a turkey on my trails, but you’d think at least one would show up on Thanksgiving.

Bongo in a dry wash and looking away from the turkey

I thought the dry wash might be a good place to go.

Not many people or dogs go here so I figured if a turkey was around it might be brave enough to show itself.

Bongo at a bend in the dry wash and still not seeing the turkey

Here turkey, turkey!

Come on out. It’s just me.

You’re safe here.

Bongo in the dry wash and still missing the turkey

I’m not having any luck finding turkeys.

Either they’re really good at hiding, or there just aren’t any around.

Bongo ready to head home - still missing the turkey

I give up. Guess I’ll head back home.

I hope my younger person didn’t eat all the turkey in the fridge.


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Blue’s not a Blessing

Blue SkyYou see that picture there? You know what that is? It’s the most beautiful blue sky I’ve ever seen. And you know why it’s so beautiful? Because I haven’t seen a sky like this since thunder season started. This sky has no clouds in it. And no clouds means no thunder.

But somehow this cloudless sky worked against me. Because my person saw this blue sky too, and she decided that since there was no thunder she didn’t have to stay home and protect me from it.

And she left.

And she didn’t take me with her.

She went somewhere with a swimming hole. I’ve never gotten to go swimming with the ducks before.

Ducks on the Creek

I’m not sure where my person went, but she was gone so long I think she went all the way to Mexico. I thought maybe if I looked at the pictures in her camera I could figure out where she did go – and now I have proof that she went to Mexico.


When I quizzed my person about the pictures in her camera she said this dog is named Gomez.

And then I found a picture of my buddy Pablo. Pablo was born in Mexico. I haven’t seen him in a long time so he must have gone back there.


My person says she didn’t get anywhere close to Mexico, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Next time person, you’d better hide your camera.


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