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What Did I do with My Summer Vacation?

Bongo on the trail with flowersThis is ridiculous! My last post right before this one has snow in it.

Right now it’s so hot that if snow showed up it would sizzle away.

So I’m sneaking on the computer while my person isn’t looking and writing a new post.

Besides, today is my blogiversary.

Four years of blogging.

Well, it would have been four years if I’d actually been blogging the last few months.

So, since I haven’t posted since the snow was on the ground, and the kids who live near me are already back in school I thought I’d do a “What did I do with my Summer Vacation” kind of post.

Oh. What did I do?

Oh yeah. I got to hang out some with my little buddy.

Bongo and his buddy in dog jail

It wasn’t me. It’s his fault we’re in jail.


And my puddle came back!

And the tadpoles came with it.

Puddle with tadpoles

I’ve been watching those tadpoles grow for awhile, but for some reason my person won’t let me get in the puddle with them. No fair!

Oh yeah, and there were those two times in the dog hotel when my person went off without me.

Bongo in a jeep

But the best time I had all summer was when my person’s friend invited her to go to the creek with her – and then she invited me along too.

Bongo swimming in a creek

Bongo and a friend in the creek

Bongo and a log at the creek

There was only one problem.

Next time we need to go to a creek that has smaller sticks.


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West Fork

Bongo with his nose out the car windowOver the weekend I got in the car with my people and we started going somewhere I’ve never been before. My people said it was a place called Oak Creek Canyon. All I know is that the smells there were a lot different than the smells on my trails.

I sure hope this isn’t a new route to the dog hotel.

The car stopped and when I got out I didn’t see a dog hotel anywhere in sight.

Whew! I can relax now.

We walked a little ways and then I found it. It’s a trail sign and it says West Fork.

Bongo and a trail sign

This is where I told my people to go. My friend Lola and her person Shary said it’s the best trail ever, and my people have never taken me here before. That’s okay, because now I can take them here.

Hey, check this out! It’s a bridge – and there’s water down there.

Bongo and his younger person walking across a bridge

Now I’ve got to figure out how to get to that water.

Bongo and his younger person walking on a trail

This trail is nice, but I’ve seen lots of little trails that lead to the water. How come we’re not taking one of them?

Bongo in a narrow stream of water

Finally! The water!

Hey, this is like a Slip N Slide.

Bongo going downstream

Here I go!

Bongo in the water

You want to do what?

I just got here and I’m not coming out.


My people finally convinced me that there were more trails and more water to swim in and they were right.

Red cliff among trees

Distant cliff

Red cliff hiding behind trees

Creek, red cliff, and trees

My person even found flowers to take pictures of.

White Flower

I think my person is a flower magnet.


Finally! I got to go swimming again.

Bongo all wet

I’m just getting out for a minute.

Bongo looking away from the creek

You want to go where?

I don’t think so. I’m not done swimming yet.


I was forced to leave the water and head back to the car, but I’ve got a plan.

Bongo with his leash tangled around the sign post

See if my people can get me to leave this place now.


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