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Campfire Criminal

Bongo sniffing the remains of a camp fireSomething smells terribly awry on my trails.

Wait, maybe I used the wrong word. I don’t smell any rye bread anywhere.

Something smells fishy?

Did I say fishy? Where’s the fish? Where? Where?

Oh, no fish. I don’t even smell any. Guess I’d better find another word.

Let’s see- it smells like the charcoal remains of a former fire. Like a barbecue without the meat.

No meat! There’s got to be some criminal offense here.

I’d better get my Detective Dog hat on.

Detective Dog

What happened here?

Someone had a fire on my trails and didn’t invite me.

And I bet they had treats and goodies and stuff like hot dogs and s‘ mores.

And they didn’t invite me.

Wait a minute!

No wonder they didn’t invite me.

They’re not even supposed to have a fire on my trails – and even if they could, fire restrictions are in effect. No fires anywhere.

It’s really dry out here. My puddle hasn’t even shown itself in a long time.

I bet those people know that as Detective Dog – a law abiding citizen dog (well almost) – I would be required to turn them in if I discovered who they are.

And I certainly wouldn’t want my trails to burn up.

So I’m investigating this one for sure.

Bongo investigating the old fire

And as soon as I discover who they are they’d better watch out.

I’m going to gather up all my dog buddies and after we water down their fire, we’re going to water down those culprits too.

See if they ever try starting a fire on my trails again.

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Backyard Mysteries

Bongo looking at the fenceWhen I went out in my backyard last night I was confronted by strange smells, sights, and sounds. All coming from the other side of the fence.

This is the fence that Moe lives on the other side of. Moe likes to bark at me through the fence anytime we’re both outside.

Here’s a picture of Moe – the only time we got to meet without a fence between us.



Bongo and Moe on the trail

But this wasn’t about Moe this time. Other things were happening in Moe’s yard – and Moe wasn’t even around.

I’ve got a pretty strong sense of smell, but I didn’t even need my special Detective Dog sensory senses. Even my person smelled this one. The smell of smoke emanated (hey person, I don’t even know what that word means) from Moe’s yard.

And then I saw it – right through the cracks in the fence. Bright orange crackling flames – all contained in one little spot.

My person said it looked like a campfire, but I always thought you had to go camping to have a campfire. Is somebody camping in Moe’s backyard?

I’d better check this out.

Bongo peeking down over the short fence

Just pretend I turned on the floodlights for this picture since all this happened in the dark of night.

And then I heard the strangest sound coming from Moe’s yard. It sounded like music. Guitar music and singing. I hear music coming from the radio, or sometimes from my person’s computer, but I’ve never before heard music coming from a yard.

I wonder if they would mind if I sang along.

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