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Third Week of People Mischief

Bongo sitting in front of a futonThis is the third week in a row that my people have pulled mischief on me.

I am so miserable. It can be really awful having mischief making people.

They both left the house on foot – and they didn’t take me.

Do you believe it? On foot, and they didn’t take me.

My person said I’d been on two walks the day before, so it wouldn’t hurt me to miss my walk.

So now what I want to know is who told her? My walks with my neighbor dog Toby when she leaves me all day are supposed to be a secret.

I pointed out that it is National Walk Your Dog Week and my person said I could have walks the rest of the week.

She said they were going into coyote territory and they didn’t want me trying to give any of those coyotes what for.

Well, they didn’t see or hear a coyote, but they did get attacked.

By cactus pricklers ,thorny bushes, and loose rocks. My person came home full of scratches.

They should have taken me. I would have protected them.

But it’s all about that camera still. At least my person showed me where they went.

Coffee Pot Rock and an ocotillo

Mogollon Rim

Tree near a cave entrance

View of Sedona from Keyhole Cave entrance

Next week there’s going to be some new mischief.

That camera will be missing when I’m through.

But I won’t get into trouble for anything because Scratchy pulls all the mischief around here.

Now if I could only convince my people…

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