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The Slide

Bongo at the top of a natural slideMy trails have a well kept secret.

I’m really glad not too many people – or dogs – know about this, because my trails might get so crowded there wouldn’t be any room to move.

So here’s the secret. My trails are like a theme park – with rides and everything.

Well, at least one ride anyway.

You see, there’s a slide on my trails.

It slides right down into the wash.

When my younger person was a kind of little person he used to slide down this slide a lot with his friends. That was before I was around.

This is only the second time I’ve gotten to slide down it. The last time we were with my little friend who visits sometimes.

I don’t know why my person doesn’t take me down this slide every time. It’s right on the way home – if we go this way, that is.

So now that I’ve told you all about my slide, I guess I’d better go down it.

Bongo starting down the natural slideBongo heading down the gully of a steep hill

Your turn next.

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