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Lost People

Lost people on the trailI think it’s pretty hard to get lost on my trails – even when I go outside of my usual rounds, but of course it’s pretty easy to follow the smells.

My person thinks the trails are hard to get lost on too, but she uses a different method to find her way.

She’s taller than me so she can see further. She says there are lots of landmarks to find your way by.

It’s also hard to go very far without running into either houses or something that falls between a very large rock and a very small mountain.

I can’t read them so I have to trust my person when she says those tall poles sticking out of the ground hold signs that point out the trails.

In some places there are even cairns to mark the trails. At least my person says they mark the trails.

I thought they were put there so dogs could leave messages for each other. At least that’s what we use them for.

Even with all these ways to navigate (Person, navigate is too big a word for me.) the trails, my trails can be really tricky for new people. There are little loops that go off and come back to the main trail. Maybe they were put there on purpose so people would go in circles and not be able to find their car again. Then the trail loop car collectors could take their pick of the cars that were left.

Those car collectors probably don’t like my person much though. When she’s asked, she tells those lost people how to get out of the loop.

Bongo in front of a bush

I think my person’s pretty cool though. Today I got loves from some people she was helping.

Those people were really lost. They were trying to find a place called Wisconsin.


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She Lost Them

Can you see them?I knew it! She should have taken me with her. Then she wouldn’t have lost them.

My person left me early this morning. She said she was going a long way away and she had to drive over some long uncrowded highways through a barren landscape and then on some bumpy dirt roads with no road signs to mark her way, till she reached the middle of nowhere. And when she got to the middle of nowhere she would be there.

This middle of nowhere place must be pretty popular because my person and the friends she went with found some more friends there. And a little way from the middle of nowhere they saw a whole bunch of sheep.

But then, you know what happened? My person and her friends were all talking in the middle of nowhere and they looked over where those sheep had been and they were all gone. All of them. Every last one of them.

People can be so irresponsible sometimes. I mean, how can you lose a bunch of sheep in the middle of nowhere? If I had been there I wouldn’t have lost those sheep.

So next time my person gets in the car and looks like she’s about to head to the middle of nowhere, I’m jumping in. Somewhere not too far from the middle of nowhere there’s got to be some sheep, and I’m going to make sure my person and her friends don’t lose them again.


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