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Brightly Colored Bags

Bongo and a green bagStrange things showed up on my trails today.

As I headed out I saw something green in the distance.

Normally I would think nothing of seeing green. There are all kinds of shades of green on my trails. But this was a new shade of green.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. At least not on my trails.

When I got close I found that somebody had left a little bag. I thought maybe they’d left me a present.

But my person said it wasn’t for me and I had to leave it there.

Okay person, you’d better give me some treats when we get home if I leave this.

I left it. I’m still waiting for the treats.

We headed on down the trail.

We hadn’t gone far when I saw something blue peeking out of the bushes.

Something blue behind a bush

The only blue I ever see on my trails is in the sky so this was really strange.

When we got closer I saw that it was another bag.

Blue bag behind a bush

A blue bag behind a bush.

It reminded me of the time I found a blue Easter egg on my trails.

Person, this is like a treasure hunt. I know someone is leaving those bags for me to keep.

I wonder what’s inside.

I guess my person knew more than she’d been letting on because she decided to tell me what’s inside.

She asked me if I remembered those black bags that we get at the Pet Waste Station at the beginning of the trail.

Bongo sniffing near a little black bag

You mean these bags?

Then I figured it out.

But those dark bags contain dark poop.

I’ve never seen a dog with blue poop, or green poop.

I might have to put on my Detective Dog hat and investigate this.


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Little Black Bags

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onDetective Dog here – and I’ve got another mystery to solve.

I’ve noticed something when I’ve been out on my trails. Little black bags.





Little black bag on top of a cairn

I see them everywhere. Like this one in plain sight.

Little black bag on the side of the trail

Look at this one. Somebody left it on the side of the trail.

Little black bag in the bushes

And this one’s hiding in the middle of some bushes. Well, it’s not really hiding. Maybe if it was summer they would have been able to conceal this here.

So now I have the evidence. Three little black bags in three days.

And the funny thing is these bags are always missing the next time I come by. Well, most of the time they’re missing. I guess sometimes somebody forgets one.

So now I’ve got to figure out what these little black bags are for. And why are they getting left on my trails?

Maybe they’re munchies in case somebody gets really hungry while they’re on my trails.

But that can’t be it. If they were munchies I’d be eating them and I don’t see anything attractive about these little black bags.

So I’ll have to look for some more clues.

What do they have in common – besides being little, and black, and bags?

I’ve got it. Flies! They all have flies buzzing around them. I wonder why.


Excuse me a minute – I’ve got to take a break.


Hey person, what are you doing with that little black bag? It looks a lot like the ones I’ve been investigating.

What are you doing, person? Don’t put that in the little black bag. I left that there for a reason.

Now you’re getting me upset and it’s messing up my whole investigation.


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