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Looking for the Teacup

Teacup Trail SignThere’s a new sign on one of my trails. There was a sign there before, but now  a new and improved sign has appeared.

I think somebody must have seen the sign I put up in my puddle a couple days ago and got jealous. That’s the only thing I can figure.

I wasn’t trying to compete with anyone. I don’t plan to start any sign wars by putting a better sign up in my puddle. But I do have to admit, this new trail sign is rather nice.

I’m kind of befuddled though. I’ve been walking on my trails a long time and I’m still looking for the teacup.

I know where the coffee pot is.

Bongo on Sugarloaf

Coffee Pot Rock - Sedona, AZ

Coffee Pot Rock – Sedona, AZ

But I haven’t been able to find the teacup.

Maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places. Maybe that teacup isn’t big and red like the coffee pot.

What if this is the way to the tea party and I have to bring my own tea cup?

What if that butterfly I chased out of my puddle with my sign was the first guest at the tea party? And I ruined the party.

That’s terrible. I’m going to be known on my trails as a party pooper.

That does it! I’m heading out there right now and taking my sign down.



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