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What Happened to the Sky?

Bongo on the trail on a cloudy dayI know this isn’t so strange for most of my blogging buddies this time of year, but for me it is.

What happened to the sky?

I’ve been looking at blue sky almost every day, but today it’s gone.

Where’d all that gray come from?

And it’s soggy too. It’s a good thing I’m a water dog.

I’ll take water in any way, shape, or form – soggy or not.

But I don’t know what to do with my person.

She’ll look for any excuses to get her camera out and she found some today.


Bongo eating weeds near agave and manzanita plants

Go ahead person. Keep taking pictures here.

I found some good weeds to munch on.

Agave plant surrounded by a manzanita bush

I finished those weeds and had to drag my person on.

That worked until she found a lost little mushroom that had popped up out of the soil.

Small dimpled mushroom

It looks like that poor mushroom got dimples from shivering so much. All the other mushrooms hung out when it was warmer.

I finally convinced my person that that mushroom was fine all by itself, but when I stopped in one of my favorite sniffing spots she found something else.

Fungus on a branch

I’m not sure I want to hang around these things for very long.

Fungus that looks like it has nasty teeth

Some of them have some pretty mean looking teeth.

Let’s get outta here!


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To the Sky

Bongo and SugarloafMy person took me out on my trails this morning. Well, it was sort of morning. She went somewhere and then she came back so it was already getting hot out. But she never takes me on my trails in the morning. We always go in the afternoon, or in the summer when it’s really hot out we go when the sun’s almost down and it’s all shadowy outside.

Everything looks different in the morning. It even smells different.



Bongo sniffing inside a manzanita bush

But I’m still trying to figure out why we went on my trails in the morning.

My person said something about going to Sky VBS later today. I don’t know what VBS is, but I know what sky is and I don’t know how my person is going to get there. I know some people go there in airplanes, but my person doesn’t have one of those.

I think my person might be going a little bit crazy, because not only did she say she’s going to the sky, but she said a lot of kids are going there with her.

I don’t care where she’s going. If there are kids she’d better take me along. Kids like to play with me and give me lots of loves.

What, person? You get to go to the sky with all those kids and I don’t get to come along?

It’s what? It’s Vacation Bible School and it’s called Sky? And dogs aren’t allowed – only people?

Hey person, I don’t care what it’s called. There are dogs in the Bible, so dogs should be allowed in the sky too.

You’d better take me along.


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