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Name that Corner

Bongo by a Bird of Paradise bushThis time of year my street has two corners with special names. At least I think they should have special names.

After we got back from my trails I got an extra long walk so we could go to these corners and my person could take pictures. I guess I don’t mind her taking pictures if I get a longer walk because of it.

This first corner is for the birds.

Bird of Paradise, that is. That’s what these yellow flowers are called.


Bird of Paradise bush


Bird of Paradise flower


The next corner is Century Plant Corner.

Every year for as long as I can remember, one Century Plant has shot up on this corner.

Century plant on a corner


I’m not sure what’s going on though, because these corners have the wrong street signs on them. They have some really strange names that don’t even look like Bird of Paradise Corner or Century Plant Corner.

This is really bad, because people are going to get lost when they try to find these places.

Maybe I’d better get some new signs and post them on these corners.

Oh yeah, forget the signs. That Century Plant isn’t in full bloom yet and awhile back I promised I’d show some pictures of the ones on my trails when they started blooming. My person made my climb a hill so she could get pictures of this one. The first one to bloom on my trails this year.

Century plant in front of Thunder Mountain


Century plant blooming red and yellow with a blue sky


Century plant in front of Coffee Pot Rock


Alright, that’s enough. Stop your gawking.

This is a blog about me.



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May the Bird of Paradise …

Bongo and Bird of ParadiseHey person, our house is right here. Where are we going?

The end of the street? Why would we want to go there?

You want to take more pictures? I’m about ready to smash your camera. All you want to do is take pictures anymore. We could go on much longer walks if you weren’t always stopping to take pictures.

I’m what? I’m getting a longer walk so you can take pictures? But we could have stayed on my trails and had a longer walk there.

You’re stopping here? What is this?

Bird of Paradise

Yellow Bird of Paradise? If those things are birds why aren’t they flying away? Every time I get near birds on my trails they fly away from me. Is there something wrong with these birds? Are their feet tied down or something?

Bird of Paradise with Thunder Mountain in the background

Oh, wait. I bet they are tied down. I heard a song once about the bird of paradise flying up your nose. I bet somebody didn’t like that idea so they tied those birds down to keep them from flying up their nose. I don’t think I’d like them flying up my nose either. Person, I think we’d better go home before one of them gets loose.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Hey person, check this out. Those birds found one of those elusive century plants and stuck it right on my street. After all the trouble I had finding those plants. Those birds really are a nuisance. Not only do they fly up noses, they gang up together and chase after plants that are hiding in the woods. We’d better make sure those birds are tied down really tight.

Century Plant


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