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Home Alone

Bongo Checking Out the Litter BoxMy people left the house this morning and said they would be gone all day.

This is not good. I’d better not drink my water or I’ll be squeezing my legs together before they get home.

At least I can get Scratchy’s food off the counter. Oh, no! They remembered to put it on top of the fridge where I can’t reach it.

Hey Scratchy, can you jump up on top of the fridge and knock your food down?

What? I ate it the last time you did that? I won’t eat it. I promise.

Well, I’ll leave a little bit for you.

Are you done in the litter box Scratchy?

My turn to check it out now.

Now I’m really thirsty. Just a little bit of water. Nope, I’d better not. I’m squeezing my legs together already. I hope my people come home soon.

Oh, thank goodness. Here comes my friend to let me out. I can’t figure how she knows just the right time to come over. She must be psychic or something. She picks up my thoughts that I really need to go out and comes over when I need it the most. I bet she could make a fortune telling dog’s fortunes, the way she reads my mind like that.

What, you’re leaving already!?

I take that back about my friend. If she was so good at reading my mind she would have fed me too – and put Scratchy’s food back on the counter where I can reach it.

Come on back friend. I’ve got to give you some more lessons in reading my mind.


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Thirst Quencher

Bongo Drinking WaterI really like to drink water. Especially in the summer, I drink lots of it. My person says she is always having to fill up my water dish. I’m not quiet about my drinking. I’m not very neat either. When I drink water I lap it up fast and make as much noise as possible while I’m doing it. When I’m finished there is usually a good size puddle around my water dish.

Scratchy has his own water dish, but he likes mine better because it has fresher water in it. I guess he doesn’t mind putting up with a little dog slobber mixed in. He probably thinks it gives the water a little better flavor.

My favorite time to drink water is when my people are watching a movie. I usually get yelled at and told to stop, but I don’t until I’m good and ready. Usually the volume on the movie gets noticeably louder, but I can get louder too. Once I’m done though, the best thing to do is pick up a ball because I can get it really wet with all the water in my mouth, and drop it in someone’s lap. They don’t need to watch a movie.


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