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Thanks for the Cookies

Bongo watching a sack of Christmas cookies on the floorMy person says it’s polite to write thank you notes for the presents I get.

When it comes to cookies I’d rather eat them than write notes.

But my person says I’ve got to do it.

I could probably write the note with my slobber.

If I can’t get to these cookies soon I’m not going to have any left though.

My friend and neighbor dog Toby gave me these cookies for Christmas.

Oh yeah, I guess I kind of stretched the truth a little a couple days ago when I said I had a horrible Christmas, because I did get treats.

So here goes my thank you note:


Dear Toby,

Thank you so much for the Christmas cookies you gave me.

They’re really good.

I would have eaten all of them by now, but my person won’t let me.

My Christmas would have been really bad if I hadn’t gotten these treats from you, but any day with treats is always the best.

Oh, and Toby…

Bongo looking at Christmas cookies

I’m almost out of cookies.

Do you think you could bring me some more?


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National Cookie Day

CookiesDid someone say cookies? It’s what? National Cookie Day?

This is awesome! There’s a holiday for cookies!

So what are you doing, person?

You’re celebrating the holiday by starting your Christmas cookie baking?

You’re for sure making some cookies for me, aren’t you?

What do you mean, those are people cookies? It’s National Cookie Day. Shouldn’t I get some cookies too?

Bongo and Cookies on the Counter

Just look at those delicious cookies. There’s lots of them there. You wouldn’t miss just one.

There’s only a little bit of chocolate. I’ll eat around the chocolate and leave it for you. I promise.

Mouse Cookies and M&M Cookies

Wait a minute! You made mouse cookies? Are you making cookies for Scratchy and not for me?

You’d better be telling me the truth. If I don’t get cookies then Scratchy better not either.

Bongo and a bag of dog cookies

For me? These are for me? Seriously?

Bongo Eating Cookie

I love National Cookie Day.

Hey person. National Cookie Day isn’t over yet. You still have time to make some homemade dog cookies.


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Who Stole the Cookies?

Cookie Jar“Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?”

Not me person. I didn’t do it.

“Then who?”

Person, I don’t know. Are you sure my younger person didn’t eat the rest of those cookies? You know how much he likes them.

He wouldn’t what?



Lid on the Carpet


He might leave the lid on the carpet in the other room. You never know. Maybe he got all excited when he was eating those cookies and forgot what he was doing.

Well, if he didn’t do it, I don’t know who did.

Oh look. There he is. Right by the evidence. Scratchy did it. He’s right there checking it out. Proof that he did it.

Scratchy with the Lid

What? Of course he did. That Scratchy is always up to no good.

Okay, let me check. I bet I can prove it to you.

Bongo with the Lid

Hmmm. I think I left a few crumbs in here.


Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop

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Welcome to Monday Mischief – The pet blog hop that wraps up the weekend! This Blog Hop is brought to you by Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog BlogMy Brown Newfies and Luna, A Dog’s Life and you can read more about how to link up here.


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Bongo Checking Out the CookiesYay! My person finally did it. After all the hard work I’ve been doing cleaning up the kitchen floor lately she finally decided to reward me. I didn’t know it at first. I went to clean the floor as usual, and something tasted a little different. I didn’t know why.

And then when my person pulled those cookies out of the oven they smelled different. They didn’t smell like the usual run of the mill people cookies that she’s been making lately.

And then I got the best surprise of all. My person gave me a cookie. She let me eat one. Sweet!!! She said she got the recipe from one of my blogging buddies at For the Love of My Dogs. You can check the recipe out here. My person would never have made me cookies if she hadn’t seen that post so I am really thankful. It would be great if all my dog blogging friends got special cookies for Christmas.

But you know what my person did after she made those cookies? She packaged them up and put a bow on top and put them in the freezer. She said I don’t get any more cookies until Christmas. She said they’re a Christmas present for me.

What’s with this Christmas thing? I want my cookies now!

Packages Cookies

If you want to see more of my Christmas wishes (and Scratchy’s too – my person made me mention Scratchy) then hop on over to Rumpy’s blog. He posted our letters to Santa Paws.


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