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Wordless Week – Day 2

I’m still at the dog hotel, but I saw Ghost Dog the other day.

Ghost Dog wagging his tail

He looked at me and wagged his tail.

Ghost Dog disappearing through the bushes

Then he disappeared like he always does.

Ghost Dog disappearing down the street

I saw Ghost Dog a couple days after that. He was sitting outside my friend and neighbor dog Toby’s house. I heard that Ghost Dog came in Toby’s house and hung out for awhile.


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Ghost Dog on the trailsSomething unusual happened on my trails today. Yeah, I know. Unusual things are always happening on my trails. And this thing isn’t all that unusual. What’s unusual is that it happened twice – only two days apart.

Every few months I have this particular sighting on my trails. No, it’s not a UFO sighting, but it’s something equally as amazing. At least I think so. And every time I have this sighting it only lasts for a short time, and then it’s gone.

What I’m talking about is Ghost Dog. He looks like a ghost ‘cause he’s white and he always disappears right away. My person says he has a real name, but Ghost Dog works for me.

So a couple days ago I was minding my business, out on my trails when – there he was. And just as I expected, he disappeared almost as quickly.

Ghost Dog going away

And today it happened again. This time I was almost back to the trailhead before he showed up. But he did something strange. He took his time disappearing. He let me actually get up to him and sniff his side. He must be losing his touch – or his ghostiness.

Well, that wasn’t good enough for me. I mean, how can he be Ghost Dog if he’s not going to disappear? So you know what I did?

I gave him a little shove.

Ghost Dog leaving the parking lot

Ghost Dog disappeared.

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Christmas Visitor

Ghost Dog Walking AwayYesterday I was so excited to talk about all the great Christmas presents I got that I forgot one thing. I had one more present that I didn’t mention. It was a visit from a special friend that I haven’t seen in a long time.

And that friends, is no other than Ghost Dog.

I was walking my person along my trails like I always do. Yes, even on Christmas I have to make sure to get my person out for her walk. She might get all cranky if she doesn’t get her exercise.

Anyway, we were walking along my trails when, there he was.

Ghost Dog seemed happy to see me. He started wagging his tail and came over and sniffed noses with me. But then, like he always does, he kept on walking and disappeared.

This time he did something a little different though. As he was walking down the trail Ghost Dog turned and looked back at me, as if he really wanted to stay and play.

Ghost Dog Looking Back

But there must be something about his ghostiness that won’t let him do that. Like a true Ghost Dog he vanishes every time I see him.

Next time I might have to put my Detective Dog hat on and follow him. I bet he won’t be so quick to disappear. Because if he does, I’ll find out where he goes and I’ll get a new hat to wear.

Who you gonna call? Ghost Buster Dog!


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Do We Really Have to Walk?

Bongo walking reluctantlyMaybe you can’t hear it anymore person, but I sure can. I don’t think I want to take you for a walk today.

Fine, I’ll go – but I’m not taking the lead. You’re going to have to be the one who decides where we go.





Bongo Heeling

I don’t care if the trail is skinny here. I think this is a good time to practice my heeling. I’m really good at it, aren’t I?

Bongo doesn't want to go that way

I know this is the way back to the house, but that’s the way the thunder is coming from. Maybe we could go on a little longer walk.

Hey person, look who it is.

Ghost Dog on the trail

It’s sure a good thing I decided to take you for a walk today. Otherwise we would never have seen Ghost Dog. It’s been months since we’ve seen him.

Hey Ghost Dog, come back!

He hasn’t changed a bit. There he goes disappearing again. I guess he still likes to live up to that name I gave him.

Ghost Dog way down the trail

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Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog - aka Sebastian

When my person and I came back from our walk today there was a large white dog occupying my yard. Pretty nervy, hanging out in my yard when I’m not even there to defend it. That dog’s people were nowhere around.

I’ve seen this dog once before – at the trailhead where I start my walks, but that time he just disappeared. Ghost Dog, I’m thinking.

Well Ghost Dog decided he’d try to make friends, after taking over my yard and all, and he came up and sniffed noses with me. But I wouldn’t have any of it. I wanted to give him what for, and I would have too, if my person hadn’t had such a tight hold of my collar. Ghost Dog slinked off and disappeared again.

So now I have to have a talk with my person. How dare she keep me from defending my own yard? There’s lots of dogs in this neighborhood. What if another one takes over my yard? What if one comes and tries to be friendly with my person? You know how some dogs can be. Oh no, I not only have to defend my yard, I have to defend my person as well. Maybe that Ghost Dog’s not so bad. At least he knows how to disappear.


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