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What’s by my Door?

Bongo finding a package by the doorWhen I got home from taking my person for a walk on my trails I found something by the door.

I would have picked it up and brought it in the house, but it was a little high for me to reach.

Well, I could have reached it – it would have been kind of like counter surfing – but I get in trouble when I get caught doing that, and with my person standing right next to me I thought I’d better not.

So I didn’t.






I let my person bring it into the house.

Bongo with the package on the floor

It has my name on it?

This is exciting!

What is it? What is it?

Come on person, hurry up!

Open it for me.

Bongo with a package of treats


I got treats?

This is the best day ever!

Hey, I know where these came from.

They came from my friend Rumpy.

He said he was going to send me some more.

Woo woo! Rumpy’s the best!

But there’s one thing wrong with these.

They don’t do me any good inside the package.

Bongo getting ready to eat a treat

Now we’re talking!


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Package from Rumpy

Bongo with his head in a boxThis is so cool!

A package came for me today.

For me!

Not for my person, or for my younger person.

Not even for the cats.

It came for me.

My friend Rumpy had a contest on his blog awhile back.

I entered it and I won.

I won!

So what’s inside this package?


I can’t wait to find out.

Bongo with his head in a box full of red, white, and blue crinkles

Hey wait a minute.

There’s nothing in here but a bunch of red, white, and blue stuff.

What would I want with that?

Bongo and the box

I give up!

What am I gonna do with this package?

And why would Rumpy send me this stuff anyway?

I bet he doesn’t spend his time playing with colored, crinkled paper.

Wait, what?

There’s something else in this box?

What is it?

Bongo with a bag of treats


This is awesome!

Rumpy, you do know what I like after all.

Bongo sitting and smiling near the treats

Thanks Rumpy.


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Gotcha Day

Bongo with his new toy

My New Gotcha Day Toy

Woo hoo! Today is my Gotcha Day. I first learned about Gotcha Days when my friend Rumpy celebrated his. All these years I haven’t been able to celebrate my birthday because my people don’t know when it is. Now I get to celebrate Gotcha Day instead – the day my people took me home with them. I even got a new toy and my people promised me some more goodies later.

Since it’s a special day I thought I’d post something a little different. Rumpy is good at encouraging his friends to write poems and I posted this one on his blog on his Gotcha Day. It seems like the thing to do to post it here today.

Bongo’s Gotcha Day

I like to run

I run for fun

But it really got me in trouble

They locked me away

For more than a day

It kind of burst my bubble


Dog jail’s no good

I don’t like the food

And other dogs barking all night

I’m stuck here for sure

My brain is a blur

To live like this is such a fright


But they came, yes they came

And they tossed me a ball

Then they left just as fast

One more ball – Is that all?


The next day I saw them

My leash they did get

They took me and told me

I’d be their new pet


At first I was scared

When I saw my new home

The cat didn’t like me

And the yard I did roam


But now I’m adjusted

I’m happy to say

Especially when someone

Is willing to play


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Mistaken Identity



While my person and I were out walking I saw a dog that looked like my blogging friend Rumpy. He was with two other dogs and a person, and they were walking through a dry wash. My person and I were on the trail a little way above the wash.

Well of course I wanted to go see my friend. I hadn’t met Rumpy in person before – only in blogger space. I tugged and yanked on my leash and my person tugged and yanked back, but I usually have the advantage when it’s a downhill run. I finally broke free from my person and headed down the hill toward my friend.

Oops. I discovered too late that this was not my friend at all – and this dog was not very happy to see me. He raised his hair and I raised mine. We checked each other out and then we started to tousle.

The other dog’s person made him leave and I was so embarrassed that I went right where my person told me to go. Back up the hill and home.

No one was hurt in this embarrassing episode except for my person. She scraped her hand trying to keep me from going down the hill. Silly person. All she had to do was tell me that wasn’t my friend down there. I would have listened. Really I would. I hope she doesn’t make me pay for her band-aid.

P.S. Rumpy has a really great blog. You can check it out at


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