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Package from Rumpy

Bongo with his head in a boxThis is so cool!

A package came for me today.

For me!

Not for my person, or for my younger person.

Not even for the cats.

It came for me.

My friend Rumpy had a contest on his blog awhile back.

I entered it and I won.

I won!

So what’s inside this package?


I can’t wait to find out.

Bongo with his head in a box full of red, white, and blue crinkles

Hey wait a minute.

There’s nothing in here but a bunch of red, white, and blue stuff.

What would I want with that?

Bongo and the box

I give up!

What am I gonna do with this package?

And why would Rumpy send me this stuff anyway?

I bet he doesn’t spend his time playing with colored, crinkled paper.

Wait, what?

There’s something else in this box?

What is it?

Bongo with a bag of treats


This is awesome!

Rumpy, you do know what I like after all.

Bongo sitting and smiling near the treats

Thanks Rumpy.


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They’re Here!

Scratchy and Bag in PackageThis is Scratchy here. While Bongo is in the hallway trying to hide from all the thunder we’re having today I thought I’d sneak onto the computer and steal his blog. Actually our person said I could. She even told me to.

That’s because I have some news. Awhile back Bongo’s friends Geraldine and Mr. Cheddar had a contest at their blog My Real Life Reviews. Bongo wanted to enter it but the contest was only for cats and their people, so Bongo entered me. And guess what. I won!

I got three different prizes and the last one just showed up so I thought I’d share them with you – well, at least the pictures of them.

The first one was a bag with cats all over it. My person said she had a use for it so I thought I’d be generous and give it to her. Actually, I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with that bag anyway.

Then a package came with a book in it. The book is called Crafting with Cat Hair. I was afraid Bongo would to steal all my hair and try to do something with it so I guarded that package carefully.

Scratchy on top of package

But the best package just showed up. It’s full of cat treats and a little catnip. It even came with a letter from Mr. Cheddar and now he’s my friend too.

Scratchy rubbing his head on his bag of treats

My person put the treats back in the box, but even the box is good.

Scratchy rubbing on the box full of treats

What, person? I didn’t understand you. I’m in this treat euphoria here.

What!? What do you mean I have to get Bongo something? Just because he entered me in the contest and I won?

Okay, fine. Here you go Bongo. I think some deer lost his antler so you can have it.

Bongo with an Antler


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