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What’s by my Door?

Bongo finding a package by the doorWhen I got home from taking my person for a walk on my trails I found something by the door.

I would have picked it up and brought it in the house, but it was a little high for me to reach.

Well, I could have reached it – it would have been kind of like counter surfing – but I get in trouble when I get caught doing that, and with my person standing right next to me I thought I’d better not.

So I didn’t.






I let my person bring it into the house.

Bongo with the package on the floor

It has my name on it?

This is exciting!

What is it? What is it?

Come on person, hurry up!

Open it for me.

Bongo with a package of treats


I got treats?

This is the best day ever!

Hey, I know where these came from.

They came from my friend Rumpy.

He said he was going to send me some more.

Woo woo! Rumpy’s the best!

But there’s one thing wrong with these.

They don’t do me any good inside the package.

Bongo getting ready to eat a treat

Now we’re talking!


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Package from Rumpy

Bongo with his head in a boxThis is so cool!

A package came for me today.

For me!

Not for my person, or for my younger person.

Not even for the cats.

It came for me.

My friend Rumpy had a contest on his blog awhile back.

I entered it and I won.

I won!

So what’s inside this package?


I can’t wait to find out.

Bongo with his head in a box full of red, white, and blue crinkles

Hey wait a minute.

There’s nothing in here but a bunch of red, white, and blue stuff.

What would I want with that?

Bongo and the box

I give up!

What am I gonna do with this package?

And why would Rumpy send me this stuff anyway?

I bet he doesn’t spend his time playing with colored, crinkled paper.

Wait, what?

There’s something else in this box?

What is it?

Bongo with a bag of treats


This is awesome!

Rumpy, you do know what I like after all.

Bongo sitting and smiling near the treats

Thanks Rumpy.


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The Inside of the Packages

Bongo next to a small packageIt’s been forever. Forever!

Some packages came for me and I’ve been waiting to see what’s inside – but my person wouldn’t let me open them.

It’s been terrible, having to wait.

But finally, she said I could open them.

The big one! I want to open the big one first.

What? I have to open the little one first?

This better be a two for one deal. I get to open both of them.




Bongo with a new Kong

I don’t believe it! I got a Kong!

This is the best thing ever because treats show up inside Kongs.

I used to have one of these a long time ago but I took it out in the yard and it never came back in.

No going out in the yard for you new Kong. I hope those treats show up inside you soon.

I get to open my other package now? The great big one?

Bongo by a large box

Can I wait for the treats to show up in my Kong first?

Oh, I get it. All the treats for my Kong are in that box. Woo woo!


Wait a minute!

This isn’t a box full of treats.

It’s a dog jail!

Bongo looking in his new crate

There must be some mistake. This must be for some other dog.

If I get locked in here I can’t steal the cat food.

Or mess up my person’s bed.

Or try to break out of the house during a thunderstorm.

Bongo wanting out of his crate

Let me out of this thing!

Bongo looking sad in dog jail

What am I going to do now? I’m in jail in my own house.

This is going to spoil all my fun.

Hey, wait a minute. I’m not alone in here.

Bongo licking his Kong in his dog jail

I wonder what my Kong did to get locked in jail with me.

And there’s treats inside!


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National Cat Day

Scratchy on the back of a futonThis is terrible! Just terrible!

Yesterday I told you about the big and little packages I got.

But my person wouldn’t let me open them yet.

I’m dying to know what’s in them, and she still won’t let me open them.



Here’s why.

Today is National Cat Day. Do you believe it?

Maybe I could understand if it was National Dog Day, but it isn’t.

And – listen to this – it gets even worse.

My person said I have to give my blog to Scratchy for the rest of the day.

Scratchy on the back of the couch

This is Scratchy here.

I really don’t have much to say, but I know it’s really irritating Bongo that I’m on his blog.

So I’m going to stay here as long as I can.

He thinks he’s got something so special in those packages of his.

I bet there’s nothing that great in them. Probably a large lump of coal or something.

At least that’s what Bongo deserves.

Anyway, I think he’s just jealous because I’ve gotten all slim and trim so now I get to eat canned food.

And Bongo just gets to eat his boring old dry stuff.

That box better not be full of canned dog food.

Bongo by a large box

Did I hear dog food?

If I hang out long enough by this box my person will have to let me open it.


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What’s in the Box?

Bongo sniffing a packageI was so excited when this package showed up.

My person said it was for me.

For me?

I hardly ever get packages.

I wonder what it is.

Maybe it’s a fish.

But it doesn’t smell like a fish.

Or a squeaky toy.

I can’t get it to squeak though.

I give up. Come on person, help me open this.

Bongo with an unopened package

What do you mean I have to wait?

Patience is not my middle name.

I’ve got to know what it is.

My person can be very stubborn at times, but while I tried to get her to open my package another package showed up.

A really big package!

Bongo next to a large box

And this one is for me too.

I’ve never gotten a package this big before.

I must be really special.

I have no idea what’s in this package, and you know what?

My person wouldn’t let me open this one either.

Bongo guarding his box

Until this box gets opened I’m going to stand guard.

I wouldn’t want anyone to sneak off with it before I even know what’s in it.

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The Package Person

Bongo getting lovesToday was a really good day. It was warm and sunny and I was lounging around in the sunny spot when I heard someone coming to the door.

I recognized the sound. Sometimes I hear her coming to the door when my person’s not home. All I can do is peak out the window (don’t tell my person because I have to get up on the couch to do that – but it’s not my fault it’s in the way) and maybe bark a time or two. Then when my person comes home she finds a package sitting at the door.

But this time my person was home and she opened the door when my friend came up to it. Well, guess what. It seems my person and this package person know each other. They used to hang out together at this place called “work.”

And this package person (my person says she’s our mail carrier) is really cool because she likes to give me loves. Loves and packages.

I wonder what’s in that package she brought me. Maybe treats – or a new squeaky toy.

What, person? What do you mean that package isn’t for me? What do you mean it’s something you ordered for my younger person?

Then I think you’d better get on your computer right now and order me some packages. But make sure the delivery is spread out so I get a new one every day. And make sure you’re home when they come so I get my loves too.

Woo woo! Packages and loves every single day. What more could any dog want?

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