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National Cat Day

Scratchy on the back of a futonThis is terrible! Just terrible!

Yesterday I told you about the big and little packages I got.

But my person wouldn’t let me open them yet.

I’m dying to know what’s in them, and she still won’t let me open them.



Here’s why.

Today is National Cat Day. Do you believe it?

Maybe I could understand if it was National Dog Day, but it isn’t.

And – listen to this – it gets even worse.

My person said I have to give my blog to Scratchy for the rest of the day.

Scratchy on the back of the couch

This is Scratchy here.

I really don’t have much to say, but I know it’s really irritating Bongo that I’m on his blog.

So I’m going to stay here as long as I can.

He thinks he’s got something so special in those packages of his.

I bet there’s nothing that great in them. Probably a large lump of coal or something.

At least that’s what Bongo deserves.

Anyway, I think he’s just jealous because I’ve gotten all slim and trim so now I get to eat canned food.

And Bongo just gets to eat his boring old dry stuff.

That box better not be full of canned dog food.

Bongo by a large box

Did I hear dog food?

If I hang out long enough by this box my person will have to let me open it.


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