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National Cat Day

Scratchy on the back of a futonThis is terrible! Just terrible!

Yesterday I told you about the big and little packages I got.

But my person wouldn’t let me open them yet.

I’m dying to know what’s in them, and she still won’t let me open them.



Here’s why.

Today is National Cat Day. Do you believe it?

Maybe I could understand if it was National Dog Day, but it isn’t.

And – listen to this – it gets even worse.

My person said I have to give my blog to Scratchy for the rest of the day.

Scratchy on the back of the couch

This is Scratchy here.

I really don’t have much to say, but I know it’s really irritating Bongo that I’m on his blog.

So I’m going to stay here as long as I can.

He thinks he’s got something so special in those packages of his.

I bet there’s nothing that great in them. Probably a large lump of coal or something.

At least that’s what Bongo deserves.

Anyway, I think he’s just jealous because I’ve gotten all slim and trim so now I get to eat canned food.

And Bongo just gets to eat his boring old dry stuff.

That box better not be full of canned dog food.

Bongo by a large box

Did I hear dog food?

If I hang out long enough by this box my person will have to let me open it.


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Cat Mischief

Scratchy on the back of a futonSome people think it’s really cool living with a cat.

That’s because they have no idea what their cat is thinking.

Cats look so innocent and sweet. But deep down inside they are plotting how they can get you.

And when they do something mischievous they purr and rub against you and pretend to be ever so innocent.

And the dog always gets blamed.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I get blamed for things that Scratchy does.

I don’t know why everybody looks to me first.

I’m such a perfect dog. I don’t do anything wrong.

It’s always the cat.

I just wish my people would realize that.

When there’s garbage on the floor – it was the cat.

When the covers are messed up on the bed – it was the cat.

When my hair is all over the furniture that I’m not supposed to be on – it was because Scratchy rubbed up against me and put my hair there.

But finally, I’ve caught Scratchy in the act.

He was up to mischief and no way can he deny it.

And I kind of blame my person for this too.

She put food in my dish before I came back in the house.

I can’t help it if there were some new smells outside that I had to check out.

That’s my job, isn’t it? Making sure the yard is safe from anything causing strange odors.

So anyway, when I did come in I caught Scratchy in the act.

Scratchy eating Bongo's food

And it’s sure good I caught him when I did.

If I’d been a little later I might not have been able to write any more blog posts –

because I would have starved to death.

Don’t ever live with a cat.

P.S. I have some blogging cat friends and they’re okay. They never eat my food.


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Eat What You Want Day

Bongo in front of the fridgeToday is Eat What You Want Day. This is absolutely my favorite day of the year.

Let’s see. What do I want to eat today?

Maybe some of that fish I’ve been wanting lately.

Or how about some ice cream?

Wait a minute. I know! I’m going to eat a nice, big, juicy steak. And then some meaty bones that I can chew on for the rest of the day.

And some treats tossed in here and there all day.

My mouth is drooling watering just thinking about all that good food.

Here comes my person. I bet she’s coming to open the refrigerator for me right now and give me something delicious.

Wait! What? What do you mean you don’t have any of those good things to eat in the house?

But it’s Eat What You Want Day. How can I eat what I want if it’s not here to eat?

Person, you’ve got a job to do. You’ve got to go to the store right now and get me everything I want to eat.

You’re not? You’re not going to the store?

You’re giving me what to eat? Dog food?

That’s all I get is dog food?

Bongo with his head inside a dog food bag

I guess that wasn’t so bad.

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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It’s in the Bag

It’s a good thing my person can’t see me right now. I’d really get in trouble.

Sometimes when my person goes into the garage I push my way past the screen door before it closes all the way. That’s where my food is kept and there are always little nuggets on the floor that were spilled. I figure I’m doing my people a favor by keeping the area clean.

If it hasn’t been very long since the last time I made my way out into the garage there usually aren’t many nuggets lying around. And I don’t feel I’ve gotten enough payment for all of my hard efforts. So I check to see what’s in the bag. After all, it is my bag of food. There shouldn’t be any problem if I just help myself.

Usually my person sees me doing it, grabs me by the collar, and makes me go back in the house.

Today I got lucky though. My food bag is almost empty so I was able to get my head all the way inside it. My person’s never going to see me now. I can have a feast. I’ll go back in the house when my bag’s empty.

What!? Wait a minute! Person, how did you know I was in here? No fair. I’m not ready to go back in the house. I’m not finished yet.

By the way person, you need to go get me another bag of food really soon.


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