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A Walk in the Dark

Bongo in the darkYou can’t see this picture of me very well, can you?

Well, here’s what happened.

All weekend my person kept ignoring me.

I mean, she was hardly ever home.

And it seemed like either my person was gone, or there was thunder – or both – the whole weekend.

And I didn’t get a walk.

All day Saturday – no walk.

All day Sunday – no walk.

I’m going to turn into a fat, lazy dog if I don’t get my walks.

And what about my person?

If I don’t take her for walks and she doesn’t get her exercise she’s really going to be in trouble.

I wouldn’t even want to think about what’s going to happen. It would be ugly.

Finally on Sunday, my person came home when it was almost dark.

But at least she got my leash so I could take her out.

And when we got outside my neighbor dogs were out too. It was like a dog party. Woo woo!

Oops, now it’s really starting to get dark.

Come on person, we’ve got to go. I wouldn’t want you missing your walk.

And you know what the best thing is about walking in the dark?

My person can’t stop to take any pictures.

Bongo in the dark


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I Like the Old One

Bongo on a short leashMy person is definitely the mischief maker today. You see, I had the perfect leash. Well, perfect would have been walking without a leash, but if I’ve got to walk my person with a leash, this one was the best. When my person tried to keep me from going out further on that leash, it didn’t work. That leash was definitely on my side. I could go get loves from people my person tried to keep me away from, and meet up with dogs I didn’t know yet. I mean, how am I going to add to my list of girlfriends if I don’t get a chance to meet any? But now, I have a new leash. . .

Bongo looking at the leash

Come on person, ease up! I’ve got places to go, smells to sniff, and people and dogs to meet.

Bongo tight on a leash and looking back

Can you give me a little more slack? You’re cramping my style, person.

Bongo on a tight leash looking at a distant dog

This is not good at all. That dog – you see that dog way over there? Well that dog came right up near me, and if I’d had the old leash attached to my person I would have been able to get to that dog and give him what for. He pretends he’s being friendly, but I know what he’s really thinking.

Wait a minute. It was because of that dog that I got my old leash working just right. I guess I’d better be nice to him next time he comes over.

Hey person, you’ve got to let me go. I’ve got to go tell that dog we’re buddies now.

I think the power of this new leash has gone to my person’s head.

She is such a mischief maker.

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Eat What You Want Day

Bongo in front of the fridgeToday is Eat What You Want Day. This is absolutely my favorite day of the year.

Let’s see. What do I want to eat today?

Maybe some of that fish I’ve been wanting lately.

Or how about some ice cream?

Wait a minute. I know! I’m going to eat a nice, big, juicy steak. And then some meaty bones that I can chew on for the rest of the day.

And some treats tossed in here and there all day.

My mouth is drooling watering just thinking about all that good food.

Here comes my person. I bet she’s coming to open the refrigerator for me right now and give me something delicious.

Wait! What? What do you mean you don’t have any of those good things to eat in the house?

But it’s Eat What You Want Day. How can I eat what I want if it’s not here to eat?

Person, you’ve got a job to do. You’ve got to go to the store right now and get me everything I want to eat.

You’re not? You’re not going to the store?

You’re giving me what to eat? Dog food?

That’s all I get is dog food?

Bongo with his head inside a dog food bag

I guess that wasn’t so bad.

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Lazy Litterbugs

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onIt’s been a long time since I’ve put on my Detective Dog hat, but it’s time to do it.

You see, there have been some litter bugs on my trails lately and they’re dropping strange things.

Most of the time these strange things are only a few yards from the trailhead where the garbage can is. Which means that there is a serious problem with lazy litterbugs on my trails.

And another thing is that these pieces of litter are really small. They could easily fit into someone’s pocket. I bet several of them could fit into someone’s pocket.

But I guess I understand why no one wants to put them in their pocket when they’re through with them.

They stink really bad. So bad that I won’t go near them with my nose. Which makes it really hard to do an investigation.

How can I investigate if I can’t sniff around?

So why would anybody want these stinky things in the first place?

Anything that’s too stinky to stick in your pocket is definitely too stinky to carry around with you. People should leave them at home, or the store, or wherever it is that they got them.

That would solve two problems. No litter and no stink.

But maybe that’s not such a good idea after all. Because if those things weren’t here then I wouldn’t have anything to investigate.

And that would put Detective Dog out of a job.

cigarette butt on the trail

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Mischief Challenge

Bongo and SnakeThis is the third day that my person hasn’t taken me for a walk. And all because of some bug she says she has. I’m not sure what she’s talking about. I don’t see any bugs around her.

And I’m thinking she could just get some bug spray to get rid of that bug if she doesn’t want it. But who am I to know.

At least she’s not hanging out in her bed all the time now, but all she does is sit on the couch and read.

Come on person, at least help me answer some of the comments on my blog.

And then take me for a walk.

It’s kind of nice having my person home all the time, but there’s a few things I miss about having her leave the house.

It’s really hard to get into mischief when she’s here. No messing up the bed, no stealing the cat food, and I can’t even get those treats from the litter box. My person threw all those treats out today. How could she?

Well, I figure if I can’t get into any mischief right now, maybe my toy snake can help me.

My person is going to have a hard time getting stuff out of the printer with a snake in the way.

Toy snake in the printer


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What’s for Dinner?

Scratchy and BongoMy person told me that God created the earth in six days and then rested the next day. She said He created different things on different days, but you know what? She said dogs and people were created on the same day. Isn’t that cool? My person also told me that all of us animals were brought to the first man, Adam, so he could name us.

I was really excited to hear about that first man who named me dog, which is God in reverse. I thought he must think I was very special to somehow put God in my name, but then my person told me that probably wasn’t the case at all. She said that man didn’t know English and would have had very different words for God and dog. I don’t quite get it. I thought there were only two languages – people language and dog language. Okay Scratchy, cat language too.

My person said that God told the first people to rule over all the animals but she said this doesn’t mean that people should be mean to animals. She said that God made people in His image and he meant for them to rule over the animals the way He would Himself. God loves what He created and wants his creation, including us animals, taken care of. My person says sometimes that means she has to do something I don’t like, like keeping me on a leash so I won’t run off and get into trouble. She also said it could mean that pets should be spayed or neutered so there aren’t too many and the ones that are around can all find good homes. Is that why I had those things cut off?

There’s something my person told me that really bothers me though. She said God gave all the creatures on the earth every green plant for food. That’s it? No meat? No way! What am I gonna do? My person said all that changed but she’s making me wait. She said that’s another story. I suppose she’s going to tell me next that lions are going to invite lambs over for dinner and actually give them something to eat. Scratchy, you want some of my plants for dinner?


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Coyote Attack

Coyotes Attacking Little DogI got to be a hero once. It was a long time ago – not too long after I came to live with my people. It had snowed the night before – you know, that cold white stuff – and my person wanted to take me for a walk in it. I’ll go for a walk in any weather, as long as my person goes along with me. The snow wasn’t very deep – only about to the top of my feet when I stepped in it. My person said it was really pretty – it just looked white to me.

There are trails near our house. That’s where we usually go walking. Other people and dogs share the trails with us and usually a few other animals as well. On this day we were walking along minding our own business. The snow covered up all my favorite smells so I paid attention to the cold, crunchiness of it as I stepped. We rounded a bend in the trail and there they were. Three coyotes attacking a little dog! Those coyotes took one look at me and ran off. The little dog ran the other way and and when his person showed up my person had to tell him which direction to go.

I knew I had to give those coyotes a what for so I went off after them. Boing-o! I came to the end of my leash. Come on person, what are you thinking? I’ve got to go get those coyotes. I looked back at my person and I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. She was lying on her stomach in the snow – still holding on to my leash. She’d gone all the way through the snow so she was really lying on red mud. I don’t know what she was thinking. All she had to do was let go of my leash. It would have been so simple.


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Who Won the Tug o War?

Dogs playing Tug o WarI think I’m really in trouble. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just wanted to go hang with those two dogs. I know, my person didn’t want me to. She held my collar tight so I wouldn’t. But I was determined. Something about them. I just had to get over there and check it out. So I lunged with all my strength. My person was supposed to let my leash out, or let go of it or something. But she didn’t. She held on to me and went right over on the ground. I was mad at first because I really wanted to go for those dogs. When I saw her on the ground I was worried. What’s she going to do to me now? Or what’s my other person going to do when we go home? He’s younger, but he’s the biggest one of us and he gets mad at me sometimes.

But the worst thing ever happened. I had to miss my walk. When my person got up she turned around and headed back home and took me with her. We’d barely gotten out of the house.


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