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Cat Mischief

Scratchy looking at Bongo in his kennelThis is Scratchy here.

Bongo won’t be on his blog for awhile. He’s simply not available.

I’m giving him payback for locking me in that dog cage – so now he’s in it.

I think I like this. It makes me feel really powerful.

I have the ability to keep Bongo locked up – or not.

And I don’t have to worry about my food being eaten when I’m not looking.

Or my litter box being invaded.

Or being chased around the house when Bongo thinks he wants to play.

No, this is really nice.

I think I’ll keep him in this cage for a long, long time.

If he gets thirsty I’ll put a little water on my paw and splash it on him.

And if he gets hungry – well, never mind. Bongo’s food doesn’t taste half bad. I think I’ll eat it all myself.

Bongo, you can just stay in dog jail for awhile. You deserve it.

I think I’ll  wander off and clean myself somewhere. Have fun Bongo.

Bongo looking at Scratchy from inside his kennel

Bongo:  Scratchy, when I get out of here I’m giving you what for for sure.

Scratchy: You won’t be out of there for a long time Bongo.

Oops, here comes our person. I’ll be hiding under the bed.

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Who’s into Mischief?

Bongo with a ball between his pawsMy person left the house early this morning. I don’t really like it when she does that, but it does give me more chances to get into mischief.

And what my person doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

So I got on her bed and messed it up. There’s two cats now, so I can always blame them if my person says anything.

I checked out the litter box. What?! My person cleaned it before she left? That’s not fair.

Then I looked to see if there was any cat food left.

This is not good. My person is getting better about remembering to put the cat food where I can’t reach it.

I hear somebody at the door. It can’t be my person. I didn’t hear her car. I heard another car though.

It’s my friend who comes sometimes when my person’s not here.

Don’t anybody tell my person that I have a friend over when she’s gone. I might get in trouble.

Hey wait a minute!

My friend let me go outside, but now she’s ignoring me.

She’s paying attention to Gizmo!

Gizmo looking to his right

What is this?

Gizmo, go hide in the bedroom or something. This is my friend. She came to see me.

What do you mean, she was your friend first?

You used to live with her?

Gizmo on the back of the couch

And now you live with me?

I don’t know what to make of this.

How can I have secret mischief if you’re the one having a friend over and not me?

Gizmo lying on the floor looking cute

Gizmo, I’m telling. You’re not supposed to have friends over when my – oh, I have to say “our” now – person is gone.


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Mischief Challenge

Bongo and SnakeThis is the third day that my person hasn’t taken me for a walk. And all because of some bug she says she has. I’m not sure what she’s talking about. I don’t see any bugs around her.

And I’m thinking she could just get some bug spray to get rid of that bug if she doesn’t want it. But who am I to know.

At least she’s not hanging out in her bed all the time now, but all she does is sit on the couch and read.

Come on person, at least help me answer some of the comments on my blog.

And then take me for a walk.

It’s kind of nice having my person home all the time, but there’s a few things I miss about having her leave the house.

It’s really hard to get into mischief when she’s here. No messing up the bed, no stealing the cat food, and I can’t even get those treats from the litter box. My person threw all those treats out today. How could she?

Well, I figure if I can’t get into any mischief right now, maybe my toy snake can help me.

My person is going to have a hard time getting stuff out of the printer with a snake in the way.

Toy snake in the printer


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Confession of a Litter Box Junkie

Bongo Checking Out the Litter BoxI have a confession to make. I am a litter box junkie. Every time my person leaves the house I head straight for it. I can’t help myself. Scratchy even has one with a lid on it but that doesn’t stop me. I push it around until I can stick my head into it and then I look for those little rolls in the litter. They’re like crunchy treats. Sometimes the treats are hard to get and I end up sliding the litter box all the way across the room in my struggles.

My person says I’ve probably grossed you out by now, but I can’t help myself. I don’t feel sorry for doing this. I’m not planning to stop. It’s just something I’ve gotta do. I’m actually doing my person a favor. She doesn’t have to clean the litter box nearly as often.

I’m glad Scratchy is an only cat though. Sometimes I find him inside doing his business when I poke my head in. I could be in real trouble if I looked inside and found two cats in the litter box.


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