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Who’s in my Kennel?

Gizmo in Bongo's dog jail

Gizmo’s trying to take over my dog jail.

Bongo looking into his closed kennel

Should I lock him in?

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Pigs in Jail

Bongo looking at toy pigs in his dog jailA couple days ago I had a rumbly in my tummy and I wasn’t feeling very good.

The bed in my dog jail is comfy so I was spending a little more time in there than usual.

But I had to go get a drink of water and when I came back things weren’t the same as I left them.





My dog jail was no longer empty.

It had occupants.

Toy pigs in Bongo's dog jail

My dog jail had pigs inside!

How did my dog jail turn into a pig jail?

Where did these pigs come from anyway?

I still had that rumbly in my tummy and I didn’t feel up to solving this mystery, so I decided to get rid of it instead.

Pigs in kennel with open door

Pigs, get out!


I finally got the pigs out of my dog jail, but now what.

I couldn’t have pigs running all over the house.

toy pigs on the futon arm near the open door

So I corralled them over to the door.

pigs near the open door

And they just sat there looking at it.

Bongo getting ready to push the pigsI tried giving those pigs a shove.

And they still didn’t budge.

So I finally decided to try a different tactic.

Hey pigs, you see that door there?

Bongo leading the pigs out the door

Now follow me!


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Cats Confide

Scratchy and Gizmo together on the futon“Hey Scratchy, what are we going to do about Bongo?”

“He’s locked up in dog jail Gizmo. I don’t think we have to do anything.”

“But what if he gets out?”

“He won’t get out. He never has yet. He couldn’t even chew his way out during a thunderstorm.”

“I’ve got a friend visiting today. What if she opens the door and lets him out?”

“Oh, yeah you’re right Gizmo. What about this rope here?”



“That rope’s too short to tie Bongo up with. But I’ve got a better idea.”

Scratchy and Gizmo together on the futon

“Great idea Gizmo. That was brilliant.”

“He’ll never get out of that dog jail now, will he Scratchy?”

“Not a chance. And Bongo will finally realize that not everyone who comes here to visit is coming specifically for his benefit.”

Bongo in dog jail with a rope tied onto it

“She’ll never be able to get Bongo out of there. She’ll probably give up before she even tries.”

“I’ll bet she won’t even notice that rope anyway because we both know she’s coming over here to see me.”

“Hey Bongo, are you having fun in there?”


This blog post was brought to you by “the cats.”


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Cat Mischief

Gizmo stretched out in Bongo's kennelThose cats are still hanging out at my house having a cat party.

This must be the longest cat party ever.

But I guess they wore themselves out and decided to take naps.

The only problem is that Gizmo took his nap in my dog jail kennel.

What’s a cat doing in a dog’s kennel? My kennel at that!

Well, I’d had enough of all the mischief going on around here so I told Gizmo he’d better get out of my kennel.


And you know what he did?

Gizmo on his back in Bongo's kennel

He made sure there was no room left for me.


What do you do with them?

You can’t beat them and you can’t join them.

So I did the next best thing.

Bongo kissing Gizmo

I kissed him.

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Locked Out from Fun

Bongo in dog jail looking sadI am so bummed out!

You know that dog jail thing my person got me.

I was kind of getting used to it – sort of.

But one thing I missed was being able to steal eat all the leftover cat food that Scratchy didn’t want.

And to go counter surfing when something smelled good up there.

And to mess up my person’s bed.

Nothing major. I just like to have a little fun.


So I had to start doing it when my person was still home.

I’d wait until she went into another room – and then I’d be on it.

The only problem is that sometimes she could hear me and I’d get caught.

So I waited until she went into the bathroom and turned the water on.

No way is she going to hear me over that.

And I had it pretty good for a couple days.

But then – my person did something she’d never done before.

Bongo looking like he wants out of his kennel

She locked me in my dog jail when she wasn’t even leaving the house.

How could she?

This is terrible!

Scratchy’s food dish is going to get so full he won’t know what to do with all that food.

I’ve got to clean his dish out so there’s room for more food.

What am I going to do?

Bongo waiting to come out of his kennel

Scratchy, don’t eat everything!

I’ll be out to clean up your dish as soon as I figure out this latch.


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The Next Challenge

Bongo in his kennel with the door openIf you’ve been reading my blog over the past couple weeks or so you probably know that my person recently got me a dog jail.

I tried to put Scratchy in it and turn it into a cat jail, but for some reason that didn’t work.

And I keep getting locked in that dog jail every time my person leaves the house.

Don’t tell my person, but I have to admit something.

I’m kind of starting to like that dog jail.

And here’s why.

I’m getting a lot of extra treats because of it.

Every time my person wants me to go in there she puts treats inside.

I hope she never finds out that I’ll go in there without the treats, because treats are what I live for.

And I can sleep in that dog jail just as well as I can sleep on the carpet.

But there is one problem with it.

While I’m locked in dog jail I can’t steal the cat food.

So I’m having to take some bigger chances.

It’s easier when my person isn’t in the house, but now the farthest away she’ll be without seeing me is another room.

Next time I think I’d better wait until she’s farther away than the next room.

You had your camera in your hand already?

Person, you can’t put these pictures on my blog. There’s dirty dishes on your counter.

Bongo on the counter stealing the cat food

As long as my person is going to embarrass herself with these pictures, I might as well finish the job.

Bongo eating all the cat food

At least if I get in trouble now it was worth it.

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Cat Mischief

Scratchy looking at Bongo in his kennelThis is Scratchy here.

Bongo won’t be on his blog for awhile. He’s simply not available.

I’m giving him payback for locking me in that dog cage – so now he’s in it.

I think I like this. It makes me feel really powerful.

I have the ability to keep Bongo locked up – or not.

And I don’t have to worry about my food being eaten when I’m not looking.

Or my litter box being invaded.

Or being chased around the house when Bongo thinks he wants to play.

No, this is really nice.

I think I’ll keep him in this cage for a long, long time.

If he gets thirsty I’ll put a little water on my paw and splash it on him.

And if he gets hungry – well, never mind. Bongo’s food doesn’t taste half bad. I think I’ll eat it all myself.

Bongo, you can just stay in dog jail for awhile. You deserve it.

I think I’ll  wander off and clean myself somewhere. Have fun Bongo.

Bongo looking at Scratchy from inside his kennel

Bongo:  Scratchy, when I get out of here I’m giving you what for for sure.

Scratchy: You won’t be out of there for a long time Bongo.

Oops, here comes our person. I’ll be hiding under the bed.

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