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Locked Out from Fun

Bongo in dog jail looking sadI am so bummed out!

You know that dog jail thing my person got me.

I was kind of getting used to it – sort of.

But one thing I missed was being able to steal eat all the leftover cat food that Scratchy didn’t want.

And to go counter surfing when something smelled good up there.

And to mess up my person’s bed.

Nothing major. I just like to have a little fun.


So I had to start doing it when my person was still home.

I’d wait until she went into another room – and then I’d be on it.

The only problem is that sometimes she could hear me and I’d get caught.

So I waited until she went into the bathroom and turned the water on.

No way is she going to hear me over that.

And I had it pretty good for a couple days.

But then – my person did something she’d never done before.

Bongo looking like he wants out of his kennel

She locked me in my dog jail when she wasn’t even leaving the house.

How could she?

This is terrible!

Scratchy’s food dish is going to get so full he won’t know what to do with all that food.

I’ve got to clean his dish out so there’s room for more food.

What am I going to do?

Bongo waiting to come out of his kennel

Scratchy, don’t eat everything!

I’ll be out to clean up your dish as soon as I figure out this latch.


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The Next Challenge

Bongo in his kennel with the door openIf you’ve been reading my blog over the past couple weeks or so you probably know that my person recently got me a dog jail.

I tried to put Scratchy in it and turn it into a cat jail, but for some reason that didn’t work.

And I keep getting locked in that dog jail every time my person leaves the house.

Don’t tell my person, but I have to admit something.

I’m kind of starting to like that dog jail.

And here’s why.

I’m getting a lot of extra treats because of it.

Every time my person wants me to go in there she puts treats inside.

I hope she never finds out that I’ll go in there without the treats, because treats are what I live for.

And I can sleep in that dog jail just as well as I can sleep on the carpet.

But there is one problem with it.

While I’m locked in dog jail I can’t steal the cat food.

So I’m having to take some bigger chances.

It’s easier when my person isn’t in the house, but now the farthest away she’ll be without seeing me is another room.

Next time I think I’d better wait until she’s farther away than the next room.

You had your camera in your hand already?

Person, you can’t put these pictures on my blog. There’s dirty dishes on your counter.

Bongo on the counter stealing the cat food

As long as my person is going to embarrass herself with these pictures, I might as well finish the job.

Bongo eating all the cat food

At least if I get in trouble now it was worth it.

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Who’s into Mischief?

Bongo with a ball between his pawsMy person left the house early this morning. I don’t really like it when she does that, but it does give me more chances to get into mischief.

And what my person doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

So I got on her bed and messed it up. There’s two cats now, so I can always blame them if my person says anything.

I checked out the litter box. What?! My person cleaned it before she left? That’s not fair.

Then I looked to see if there was any cat food left.

This is not good. My person is getting better about remembering to put the cat food where I can’t reach it.

I hear somebody at the door. It can’t be my person. I didn’t hear her car. I heard another car though.

It’s my friend who comes sometimes when my person’s not here.

Don’t anybody tell my person that I have a friend over when she’s gone. I might get in trouble.

Hey wait a minute!

My friend let me go outside, but now she’s ignoring me.

She’s paying attention to Gizmo!

Gizmo looking to his right

What is this?

Gizmo, go hide in the bedroom or something. This is my friend. She came to see me.

What do you mean, she was your friend first?

You used to live with her?

Gizmo on the back of the couch

And now you live with me?

I don’t know what to make of this.

How can I have secret mischief if you’re the one having a friend over and not me?

Gizmo lying on the floor looking cute

Gizmo, I’m telling. You’re not supposed to have friends over when my – oh, I have to say “our” now – person is gone.


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Bongo in the houseI woke up from my after the dog hotel nap long enough for my person to tell me a story about what she did while she was deserting me in the dog hotel.

And the story she told me doesn’t make any sense. I think something happened to her brain while she was gone.

She tried to tell me about a homeless cat she met while she was gone. I don’t know why my person would go all the way to Seattle to meet a homeless cat. We have homeless cats around here – well not around my trails, but in places not too far away from here.

Anyway, my person says this homeless cat she met is named Bella. I’m not sure how a homeless cat could have a name, and even if it did, how would my person know what it was.

But here’s the really strange part. This homeless cat not only has a name, she has a person.

So if Bella has a person, how can she be homeless?

What, person? Bella’s person is homeless? I didn’t know people could be homeless.

Well, maybe someone should give Bella a home and then Bella’s person could go there too.

You did what, person? You and a friend gave Bella some cat food?

I like cat food.

Maybe if I go outside and pretend I’m homeless somebody will give me some cat food.

You gave Bella a whole bag of cat food?

I think I’m going to find Bella. I bet she’s got enough to share.


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Doing My Job

Bongo looking cute and sadWhat do you mean, I’m not doing my job?

I work hard at my job. I’m passionate about my job. You’ve told me it’s one of the reasons people have dogs and I believe you.

So how can you say I’m not doing it?

I not only do my job, I actually create work for myself because I love doing it so much.

When you haven’t spilled anything on the floor I put things there myself so I have something to clean. Like the cat food.

Bongo licking the floor

See how hard I work?

You know I do it. I’m right under your feet when you’re at the kitchen counter making sure you don’t step on a single spilled crumb.

And once I’ve cleaned the floor I even go over it a second time. Just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Bongo licking the floor with his ears hanging out

I don’t see how you can possibly find any fault with my work performance.

Oh that. Surely you jest.

I don’t do olives.


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Competition with a Cat

Bongo looking up at Scratchy and the bowl on the counterScratchy:  Bongo, I dare you to come up and get this bowl.

Bongo:  What if I do?

Scratchy:  Just try it.

Bongo:  I don’t smell anything in that bowl.

Scratchy:  Come on, Bongo. You need a new hat. Bowl Dog. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect name for you?

Bongo:  Never mind the bowl Scratchy. What are you covering up? Cat food? I smell cat food back there.

Scratchy showing his teeth

Scratchy:  You see these, Bongo? This is what you’re going to get if you even come near my food.

Bongo:  Hold that pose Scratchy. I’m going to send a picture of it to Santa. You’re for sure not getting any presents now.

Scratchy:  If I don’t get any presents I’m going to get grumpy. And you know what that’s going to do? It’s going to make me famous. My picture will be all over the internet and I’ll be way more famous than you Bongo.

Scratchy looking like the next Grumpy Cat

Bongo:  Nooooooooo! Grumpy Cat is more famous than me! Here’s some more cat food Scratchy. And I’m putting in a request for extra presents for you right now.

I can’t stand it when cats get famous.


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You’re Not Supposed to Yell

Bongo Leading the WayI don’t believe it! I just got back from the dog hotel – again. And this time my person didn’t give me enough warning so I could put it on a blog post. I mean, she didn’t even get her suitcase out until after she dropped me off. Of all the nerve! I wanted everybody to feel sorry for me – but how can you feel sorry for me if you don’t know what’s going on?

At least she picked me up after only a couple days this time. But then she kept yelling at me. You think she’d be really excited to see me – but she yelled at me instead. I got so excited when I got into the car that I started loving on the back seat – and my person yelled at me for it.

And then, after we got home, I got caught red pawed. My person went outside to get the mail and I figured since Scratchy hadn’t eaten all his food in the whole time I was gone that I’d do him a favor and finish it up for him. My person came back in the house while I was just getting started.

Come on, person. You take pictures of everything else. Get your camera out and take a picture of me with my paws up on the counter. That’ll give me time to finish this.

But, no – my person wouldn’t go for it. Sorry, Scratchy. I guess you’re going to have to eat that old food.

Then to make matters worse, my person made me take her for a walk before I had a chance to take a nap. Something about it getting dark soon. I could have led her just fine in the dark. I got her back though, because I got some good loves on the trail and she didn’t get any.

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Top of the Fridge

Stuff on the FridgeHey Scratchy, my our person’s been gone for an awfully long time and she left your food dish on top of the refrigerator. I bet you’re getting really hungry.

You ought to go up and get it Scratchy. I know there’s not a lot of room to land up there, with your big bag of cat food and all that other stuff sitting up there. Now that I’m thinking of it, could you toss down some of my treats while you’re up there?

Well, just be careful. That purple watercolor paint is almost empty now so you won’t spill it again. Even if you do, there’s already a streak of it on the wall, so you’d probably just be making it better. A purple pattern on the wall would be nice.

Good try Scratchy. Yeah, I know it’s hard getting up there but you got your food dish down. You didn’t really want any of your food did you? That was a great aim because it landed right on the table.

I think I’ll just pull up a chair and have a tasty treat.

Bongo on the Table

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Scratchy on the CouchThis is Scratchy here. Bongo’s not around so I guess I’ll take over his blog. It’s really quiet here. Everybody left me. No Bongo, no people – just me and the frog.

I wish my person had forgotten and left the bathroom door open. She keeps the frog in there so I can’t get it. That would be one tasty morsel. But no – she had to shut that door and all she left me is a big bowl of cat food.

I kind of miss everybody. Even Bongo. I pretend I don’t like him, but sometimes he’s kind of nice to have around to keep me company. Oops. Did I say that?

Never mind. I really miss my people. I miss the head rubs and being able to bug them for food at dinner time – and when they come home after Bongo’s stolen my food.

Well Bongo can’t steal my food now. He’s not here for a few days. Guess I’ll go make a dent in my great big bowl of cat food and then stretch out for a nap.


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