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Floor Competition

Bongo on the kitchen floor ignoring an oliveThis is so ridiculous! It’s dog abuse. Of the worst kind.

Here’s what happened.

I was minding my own business, taking a nap in the hall, when my people called me over to do my dogly duty.

Taking care of something that was spilled on the floor.

I understand it’s a dog’s job to clean up spills and usually I appreciate the work.

But this time there was only one thing spilled.

And you know what it was? An olive.

I hate olives!

How could my people abuse me so much by telling me to clean up something so disgusting?

So after I refused to do my dogly duty Scratchy decided to get into the act.

He came over to my person and started begging.

Scratchy never begs. He hardly likes anything but cat food.

And you know what my person did?

She gave Scratchy some of the tuna out of her sandwich.

And then a piece of lettuce dropped out of her sandwich.

Scratchy ate it.

Scratchy eating food off the floor

Scratchy doesn’t like lettuce. He’s never eaten a piece of lettuce in his life.

I like lettuce.

There is not room in this house for two spill cleaners. Something’s got to be done.

By the way, if you think Scratchy is going to win out on the spill cleaning duties…

Scratchy didn’t eat the olive either.

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Doing My Job

Bongo looking cute and sadWhat do you mean, I’m not doing my job?

I work hard at my job. I’m passionate about my job. You’ve told me it’s one of the reasons people have dogs and I believe you.

So how can you say I’m not doing it?

I not only do my job, I actually create work for myself because I love doing it so much.

When you haven’t spilled anything on the floor I put things there myself so I have something to clean. Like the cat food.

Bongo licking the floor

See how hard I work?

You know I do it. I’m right under your feet when you’re at the kitchen counter making sure you don’t step on a single spilled crumb.

And once I’ve cleaned the floor I even go over it a second time. Just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Bongo licking the floor with his ears hanging out

I don’t see how you can possibly find any fault with my work performance.

Oh that. Surely you jest.

I don’t do olives.


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