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Doing My Job

Bongo looking cute and sadWhat do you mean, I’m not doing my job?

I work hard at my job. I’m passionate about my job. You’ve told me it’s one of the reasons people have dogs and I believe you.

So how can you say I’m not doing it?

I not only do my job, I actually create work for myself because I love doing it so much.

When you haven’t spilled anything on the floor I put things there myself so I have something to clean. Like the cat food.

Bongo licking the floor

See how hard I work?

You know I do it. I’m right under your feet when you’re at the kitchen counter making sure you don’t step on a single spilled crumb.

And once I’ve cleaned the floor I even go over it a second time. Just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Bongo licking the floor with his ears hanging out

I don’t see how you can possibly find any fault with my work performance.

Oh that. Surely you jest.

I don’t do olives.


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You Dropped What?

Bongo checking out olivesHey Scratchy, what is that? What are you checking out on the carpet?

Move over, Scratchy. Something dropped out of my person’s sandwich, didn’t it? You won’t eat it. Move aside so I can.

Hey, what is this? It’s got some tuna juice and mayonnaise flavor on it. I’ll lick that off. But this is – this is——olives!

Yuck! I hate olives!

Here, person. I’ve licked all the tasty stuff off the outside. You can stick those olives back in your sandwich now.


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No Olives!!!

Don't Give Me Olives

Last night I got meat scraps for dessert – my favorite! But I like all kinds of food; meat, fish, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes (right out of the garden – but I’ll tell you about that later), olives… Did I say olives? I hate olives! Don’t ever give me one. It’s especially hard to pick them out of other stuff, but I do it. I always make sure my bowl comes up empty – except for the olives. I’ll even eat lettuce, beans, and peas. Just don’t give me any olives.


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