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Competition with a Cat

Bongo looking up at Scratchy and the bowl on the counterScratchy:  Bongo, I dare you to come up and get this bowl.

Bongo:  What if I do?

Scratchy:  Just try it.

Bongo:  I don’t smell anything in that bowl.

Scratchy:  Come on, Bongo. You need a new hat. Bowl Dog. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect name for you?

Bongo:  Never mind the bowl Scratchy. What are you covering up? Cat food? I smell cat food back there.

Scratchy showing his teeth

Scratchy:  You see these, Bongo? This is what you’re going to get if you even come near my food.

Bongo:  Hold that pose Scratchy. I’m going to send a picture of it to Santa. You’re for sure not getting any presents now.

Scratchy:  If I don’t get any presents I’m going to get grumpy. And you know what that’s going to do? It’s going to make me famous. My picture will be all over the internet and I’ll be way more famous than you Bongo.

Scratchy looking like the next Grumpy Cat

Bongo:  Nooooooooo! Grumpy Cat is more famous than me! Here’s some more cat food Scratchy. And I’m putting in a request for extra presents for you right now.

I can’t stand it when cats get famous.


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Stupid Santa Hat

Bongo Looking Angry in a Santa HatI don’t get it. First my person left me today. But then she came home with a bag that was sending out all kinds of good smells. I was so excited!

But then you know what my person did? She put that bag on top of the refrigerator – the one place that I can’t reach – and said something about having to wait until Christmas.

And then she put this Santa hat on me and made me pose for a picture. Well believe me you – the last thing I want to do is sit around for pictures of anything when there’s something smelling good on top of the refrigerator. I don’t want to wait for Christmas. I want it now!

I’m thinking maybe I can get my person to wrap that good smelling stuff up and put it under the tree. Sometimes people put wrapped presents under the tree before Christmas. Then when she’s not looking…

I’m not sure why my person doesn’t put wrapped presents under the tree before Christmas. Even when my package person brings a whole box full of wrapped presents they get put somewhere out of my reach until Christmas Day. Then the ones that smell the best are put out of my reach again.

Oh, wait. I think I hear my person calling me. Maybe she’s going to give me something from on top of the fridge.

What, person? Santa knows what I’m up to and he won’t bring me any presents if I don’t behave? Not even good smelling things from on top of the fridge?

You mean I have to cooperate and wear this stupid Santa hat in order to get presents? And then I still have to wait until Christmas?

This is totally not fair.

Bongo Looking Cute in a Santa Hat


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