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Bongo in the houseI woke up from my after the dog hotel nap long enough for my person to tell me a story about what she did while she was deserting me in the dog hotel.

And the story she told me doesn’t make any sense. I think something happened to her brain while she was gone.

She tried to tell me about a homeless cat she met while she was gone. I don’t know why my person would go all the way to Seattle to meet a homeless cat. We have homeless cats around here – well not around my trails, but in places not too far away from here.

Anyway, my person says this homeless cat she met is named Bella. I’m not sure how a homeless cat could have a name, and even if it did, how would my person know what it was.

But here’s the really strange part. This homeless cat not only has a name, she has a person.

So if Bella has a person, how can she be homeless?

What, person? Bella’s person is homeless? I didn’t know people could be homeless.

Well, maybe someone should give Bella a home and then Bella’s person could go there too.

You did what, person? You and a friend gave Bella some cat food?

I like cat food.

Maybe if I go outside and pretend I’m homeless somebody will give me some cat food.

You gave Bella a whole bag of cat food?

I think I’m going to find Bella. I bet she’s got enough to share.


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