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What’s for Dinner?

Scratchy and BongoMy person told me that God created the earth in six days and then rested the next day. She said He created different things on different days, but you know what? She said dogs and people were created on the same day. Isn’t that cool? My person also told me that all of us animals were brought to the first man, Adam, so he could name us.

I was really excited to hear about that first man who named me dog, which is God in reverse. I thought he must think I was very special to somehow put God in my name, but then my person told me that probably wasn’t the case at all. She said that man didn’t know English and would have had very different words for God and dog. I don’t quite get it. I thought there were only two languages – people language and dog language. Okay Scratchy, cat language too.

My person said that God told the first people to rule over all the animals but she said this doesn’t mean that people should be mean to animals. She said that God made people in His image and he meant for them to rule over the animals the way He would Himself. God loves what He created and wants his creation, including us animals, taken care of. My person says sometimes that means she has to do something I don’t like, like keeping me on a leash so I won’t run off and get into trouble. She also said it could mean that pets should be spayed or neutered so there aren’t too many and the ones that are around can all find good homes. Is that why I had those things cut off?

There’s something my person told me that really bothers me though. She said God gave all the creatures on the earth every green plant for food. That’s it? No meat? No way! What am I gonna do? My person said all that changed but she’s making me wait. She said that’s another story. I suppose she’s going to tell me next that lions are going to invite lambs over for dinner and actually give them something to eat. Scratchy, you want some of my plants for dinner?


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